Let your Soul lead you. 💗

The whole point of “doing” is not to get to some far-off place where one day, hopefully, we will be happy and have life sorted…..

The whole point of “doing” is a gift, to express your divinity as a creator and as a demonstration, of who you choose to be in that moment.

Our soul longs to express itself, it longs to express the truth, the uniqueness, the creativity, the expansion, the joy of who you really are, through your body and life.

And yet the ego-mind, is terrified that if it does that, fully and completely that it would possibly lose acceptance and belonging, that it would be considered “weird” or that we wouldn’t fit in.

This is the greatest conflict we experience in our humanness….

The wrestle between heart and head.

The mind (wounded ego) wanting to control us, wanting approval, wanting to keep us safe, keeps us fitting into what society deems acceptable.

The heart (soul) wanting to express itself. This is the largest part of you calling you forward!

Have you ever heard your inner voice, calling you to your dreams, calling you to create, be or do something that you long for, that you know you were born for, deep inside?

Yet the mind blocks you.

It comes up with all the reasons why you can’t, why you shouldn’t and why it’s a bad idea.

Because it wants to protect you. It wants to keep you safe. That is the ego mind’s job. To protect your body and it believes that it can do that better, by keeping you small, by keeping you fitting in, by not disrupting the status quo of what we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe by society.

Yet if you listen to it, if you let it rule you, if you give it permission to be your master, you will forever be enslaved to it. You will be letting fear control your life and limit the endless possibilities that you could create for yourself.

This is why living from the truth of your soul is so important. It takes truckloads of courage because we are pushing against our primal instinct and hard wiring in the nervous system that wants us to fit in, belong and not rock the boat, not stand out, not be too “different”.

Yet it is the very key to you experiencing the vastness, the freedom, the boundless and infinite nature of who you really are.

Living from your soul, is exhilarating, is exciting, is what has passion pulsing through your veins every morning when you wake up, ready to leap into the day!

Your soul is calling you Gorgeous.

It wants you to liberate you, to enjoy the true freedom of your real authentic self.

Life is always calling us forward.

Always giving us amazing opportunities to express our soul’s greatest desires and to learn and evolve.

(Or rather unlearn all the programming of who and how we need to be, from society’s perspective.)

Following your soul, feels amazing.

It will bring your body back to life and increase your daily energy.

It will set you free again at a level that you may have never experienced before.

Synchronistic events occur.

We flow with life again.

We are no longer living in fear, stress, and exhaustion from attempting to conform, to be enough, to get it right, to do it perfectly…..

Our heart opens up.

Our inner guidance pours forth.

New ideas and inspiration flow.

Life becomes delicious, fun, and easy again.

This is what living from your Soul’s agenda is.

It is complete freedom

It is a complete joy,

It is complete inner peace,

And no it’s not a one-time certificate! Your ego mind will want to take over again.

It is a process to return to again and again when you become aware that the mind has jumped into the drivers’ seat.

Having the skills and tools to know how to return to your heart, your soul, again and again, are vital for living a life of joy, abundance, amazing vitality and health, and true freedom to be you, FULLY.

This is what true THRIVING is all about.

If you are exhausted, if you are depleted, if you have been living in stress, in fear, worrying what people think, always trying to get it right, continuing to push yourself to be enough, and to get it all done perfectly, you are living in contraction.

You are living from your mind.

It is stressful, and it creates tremendous long-term exhaustion and eventually pain and CHRONIC DIS-EASE in your physical body.

It destroys relationships from being blunt, defensive, and guarded.

It impacts your income because you are so contracted and living in fear, therefore attracting more of the same in your life circumstances creating a bigger and bigger downward spiral.

It impacts your ability to feel free, to live life on your own terms, and to be true to your own internal truth. The ability to LOVE who you ARE and how you are showing up DAILY.

If you know in your heart, in your soul that you absolutely want the keys to getting back to THRIVING, to living from your HEART and SOUL’S TRUTH, to feeling FREE and having incredible ENERGY and VITALITY again, book your call with me now by clicking the button below.

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Love and Light

Sal x

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