“I believe that life has a way of waking us up when we need it the most.”

Hi. I’m Sally Holden, a transformational mindset Coach,
Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and adoring mum of my two teenage girls.

I believe that life has a way of waking us up when we need it the most.

Back in 2008, my marriage of eight years ended abruptly and I was suddenly faced with raising two young girls (then 6 and 8) as a single mother. Just six short months later, my beautiful Mum Nola Holden, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away 14 months later.

To say it had given me a gentle slap is an understatement!

These events made me examine every part of my life. I realized that I was wearing so many masks that I no longer knew who I was anymore, let alone anyone else truly knowing me. I was trying to please so many people, trying to be perfect. I had lost so much self-confidence and self-worth over that time that I had
completely stopped doing so much of what I loved and was not longer expressing who I am.

If you’ve ever felt completely closed off, exhausted and shutdown to the world, then I know exactly what that’s like.

I knew in my heart that I wasn’t being who I was meant to be. To make matters worse, I knew I wasn’t being the role model I had intended to be for my beautiful daughters, nor could I attract love into my life while living this way.

Something had to change.

I went on a journey to seek out the keys to my own Empowerment and Self Love and in the process discovered how to create a life that I truly love by being my authentic self.

I now believe I’m the luckiest lady ever. After years of wondering if I would ever attract the partner of my dreams, I now have the most amazing and wonderful man in my life. What’s more, I’ve built My Abundant Heart Coaching business from zero to six figures.

More than anything, I want to share my skills, tools and life
experience to help you create massive momentum and embrace positive changes in your life. As a Transformational Mindset Coach and Kinesiology Practitioner, I work with clients to overcome their biggest challenges, obstacles and fears, identify their greatest strengths and ignite their inner power to live the life of their dreams.

In the past 8 years, I’ve completed my studies as a Strategic Life Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training in Strategic
Intervention Life Coaching and I’m proud to be named as one of Scott Harris’s top UC Pro Accredited Coaches. I’ve also attained both the Australian and International Diplomas in PKP Kinesiology.

My approach is to listen in a heartfelt way and to broach sensitive topics to allow my clients to really open up and get to the heart of what is going on. I’m driven to constantly update my knowledge and share this knowledge and my life experiences with clients to inspire Self Love and Gratitude, which leads to living a fully
Empowered life.

Are you interested in becoming a Life Coach?

Right now, the coaching industry is exploding and rapidly
expanding, as more and more people are understanding the power behind hiring an amazing coach to create the results that they desire.

According to Tony Robbins creating success in life comes from 80% Psychology and 20% Strategy. Having a winning mindset is an
absolute must to achieve success!

Being a World Class coach means that it automatically holds you to a higher personal standard in how you live your life and decide to show up everyday.

Congruent behaviour and integrity are everything!

Not only does being a coach hold you to a much higher standard personally, it also means that you need to invest in yourself
personally and be devoted to learning and growing, being the best version of you and making a difference in the lives of others.

It means meeting like minded and inspiring people and affecting change at the deepest level for people.

It means calling to the best part inside of someone and asking that part of them to step forward with courage and boldness.

It means not settling and kicking butts when needed!

It also means monumental celebration of the smallest and largest wins. Every step forward is a cause for celebration, as success breeds success……

If you’re excited and passionate about making a difference in others lives, I couldn’t more highly recommend Scott Harris’s UC PRO Ultimate Coach Training.

Scott is one of Tony Robbins head facilitators, he is
authentic, down to earth and incredibly successful in his own right.

It was an absolute gift to be able to spend 6 Days in intense training with a small group with Scott.

I am deeply honored to call Scott my Coach, my Mentor and my Friend.

Why Work With Me

  • Self-Mastery

  • Intuitive Insight

  • Transformational Results

Happy Clients

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