1 on 1 Coaching

Transformational Mindset Coaching

Life is here to be lived.
Where are you hiding out, playing small?
What is it that you absolutely wish to create in this life?
How do you choose to show up?
What keeps holding you back again and again?

These are all questions that I actively dive deep into with my clients.
I want to know what breaks your heart, I want to know what your deepest heart desires are and I want to know what’s holding you back.

Overcome Burnout & Exhaustion

Burnout was one of the hardest and most confusing things I’ve ever experienced.
I say confusing, because at the time I didn’t really understand what was happening, all I knew was that I was physically exhausted day in day out.

I felt continual overwhelm with all that I felt I needed to get done in a day. It felt like depression, but I knew I wasn’t depressed either.
Initially I thought I just need to motivate and push myself more. But the more I tried to push myself, the worse I felt.
Working out at the gym wiped me out for hours afterwards, instead of energising me like it previously had.
I felt vacant, numb and rigid in my body. I had no idea what was happening. I found it hard to even identify how I felt emotionally.


  • Quantum Manifestation Retreat Take your life to the next level by understanding the role that quantum physics has in creating your reality.Release limiting fears and beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.Step into your new reality and fully embody what it means to be living life at your fullest.Discover transformative practices that you can use again and again in order to elevate your vibration and attract what you desire into your life over and over.This is a not to be missed experience, based on the Gold Coast in a luxurious setting, with thrilling adventures, you will discover your truest essence and fully step into the powerful creator that you truly are.

Inner Circle Mastermind

Having an incredibly supportive girl gang around you is absolutely essential when you dream big and you are creating from your heart.
It takes absolute courage, determination, a willing to be vulnerable and to overcome our BS stories in order to step into our greatest self.
Having a safety net to catch you along the way is imperative.

The Empowered Woman’s Inner Circle Mastermind is this and so much more.
Create soul mate connections with other women who are bringing their greatest dreams to life, experience incredible topics to dive deep into such as your intimate relationship, self-love and confidence, spirituality, purpose, passion, Career & Business, Money, Manifestation, Adventure and Travel, Mindset for Success and loads more.

Personal & Business Workshops

  • Personal Workshops – Authentic Happiness Intensive There is nothing more important than our personal Happiness.
    Knowing how to create internal lasting happiness through emotional mastery will be the greatest thing you ever invest in for yourself, your family and those you love.This program is not only transformational it is powerful beyond words, giving you the exact keys to understand how you truly operate as a human being. It is not for the faint hearted, as with anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.I will take you on deep dive journey, to have you understanding yourself and others in your life in a way that you have not perceived before.

Online Programs

  • Authentic Happiness Program Would you like to feel happier and calmer each day? Would you like to never take things personally again? Would you love to know yourself inside & out and what makes you tick? (Especially in those moments, you are eating chocolate, yet saying you want to get healthier!) Would you like to increase your energy by at least 30% and get at least TEN Hours or more each week to do what you love?I felt the same, I was looking for REAL answers and REAL solutions, not just a quick fix. I was so tired of being up and down all the time with my emotions and not understanding why.
    I was tired of living my life, reactive to events, people and situations and I wanted so much more, not just for myself, but for my girls as well.And how could I possibly teach them, if I didn’t have the answers for myself?
    So I went on a journey!
    And what I’m going to be sharing with you in this course, will change your life forever, or all your money back in the first 30 days if you don’t absolutely love it.JOIN NOW

Keynote Speaking

Sally Holden is an Intuitive Life & Business Coach (and soon to be Author), and previously a Kinesiologist, who is passionate about empowering women to really follow their heart. She has personally assisted more than 1600 people over the last 9 years to improve their health, confidence and wealth and has been involved in the personal development field for over 23 years.

Her greatest gift is being able to really sense what her clients are feeling, combining both transformational mindset processes and strategical action steps, in order for them to truly get the results that they desire and deserve.

Feeling stuck, blocked & just blah about life?

It’s time to get your passion and joy back, reignite that twinkle in your eye, spring in your step, and take control of your destiny! Living a joyful life and expressing yourself authentically is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and the world. Your soul’s purpose is to be you!

After years of people pleasing, feeling repressed, and a shell of her former self, Sal broke free to radically transform her life, to be the role model she truly wanted to be for her children.

Free Resources

  • 101 Ways to Overcome Emotional Eating Emotional eating can totally derail our health, not to mention contribute to low self-esteem, body shaming and an unhealthy relationship with food. If you currently self-sabotage yourself with food, you will absolutely want to download this free guide on all the things I used in order to set myself free from this.DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Emotional Guidance Scale Discover how to utilise this incredible tool in your life, to shift, elevate and master your emotions fast.DOWNLOAD NOW

Why Work With Me

  • Self-Mastery

  • Intuitive Insight

  • Transformational Results

Happy Clients

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