Are you feeling alone?

When the world is telling you one thing, but you feel something else, how do you stay centered?

How do you live into your own truth and stay with the heart of your own convictions?

Over many, many years we have received conditioning and programming from society and the world on who we need to be and how we need to be in order to fit in, belong, and be accepted.

This applies pressure internally and externally in so many ways.

From comments and questions from others, to also perhaps doubting your own instincts and what your intuition is telling you.

It can feel like a very lonely place, to stay with the heart of your own convictions. 

Yet that is also part of the evolutionary process. 


In life, and in particular, in Human Design studies, we all have a vital and unique role to play in this next phase of human evolution. 

Some are more adaptive type energies and will push ahead to seek new changes and want to experiment with new ways of being and trialing new things. 

That’s how many inventions have come to be in our current existence. 


Others will be more pushing against these changes. 

This can “appear” to create conflict and divide in humanity. 

However, both are essential to the evolutionary process. 


If everyone was adaptive and rushed ahead and brought new things to reality super fast, without really understanding the full impact of what those changes would mean for humanity, then you can imagine all sorts of challenges arriving, from things not being tested fully for the greater good. 

If everyone was pushing against all changes, then we would still be living in a cave, nothing at all would have changed.

Both are necessary for evolution, to stabilise the energy and slow down the changes, to make sure that it’s all unfolding in a way that is supportive to the human evolutionary process. 

It’s important to understand that every single person on the planet is playing their own unique and vital role in how the world is currently unfolding.

By remembering this, it creates greater compassion and understanding.

By doing so it shifts our perception, to not take things so personally when someone has a very oppositional view to our own. 

Coming from the knowledge that whatever you are feeling, whatever you know is right for you, to trust that with your whole heart. 

To know that right now, you are playing your own very vital and unique role in this transition. 

It will help to move through this stage with less resistance and division. 

It will help to give you much more sustainable energy. 


Focusing on what you want to create both for yourself personally and how you wish to see the world, is what will be most helpful at this current point in time.

Stay grounded in your own energy.

Stay centered in yourself.

Stay true to your own convictions and what is right for you.

Focus on what you want to create, not what you are most scared of. 


Follow your heart’s guidance as to what is the right action for you to take. 

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by external influences if it’s not true for you. 

All of this takes being an independent thinker. 

It takes having the courage to stay centred in your own truth. 

It takes a deep self-love to know that you belong, are worthy and loveable even if you have a different opinion to those around you. 


You’ve got this.

You are not alone.


With love and blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 



Emotional Resilience and Mastery are vitally important at this time. 

Knowing how to sustain your physical energy is also so important, especially more so, if you are a healer, lightworker, or empath.

Knowing how to raise your energy consistently is exactly what is needed right now to stay in connection with your higher guidance. 

Thriving and leading your family with the skills, tools, and strategies is vitally important. 

Having mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual strength and fortitude is so important. 

If you are exhausted, if you are overwhelmed, if you are feeling burnt out, and not managing your energy please pm me now, to see if and how I can help you. 

This time in human evolution is a marathon, not a sprint, having the skills to be sustainable right now, is vitally important. Don’t miss your opportunity to get your personalized 12 Week Health Plan to bring you back to standing in your power as a Warrior of Light. xox

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