5 Quick Tips to raise your Vibe and Energy.

Today I woke up feeling a bit overwhelmed and as I sat with the feelings, I realised that I was actually feeling really worried about everything I’m trying to manage and do over the next 2-3 weeks.

Have you ever felt that way FIRST NAME?

Sometimes life gets super busy, or we may have loved ones that are having some ups and downs.

This morning I applied 5 strategies, that supported me to get straight back to feeling in flow, and in alignment, and absolutely helped me to increase my physical energy again!

I decided to jump in and share them on a quick 8 min video that I recorded for you today.

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I’ll mention them below for you too:

  1. Braindump and prioritise the real urgency’s that need to happen today – don’t keep cycling lists in your head, it will keep you in overwhelm.
  2. Listen to High Vibe Music!
  3. Dance to High Vibe Music, or Move your body, spend time in Nature.
  4. Smile and send blessings to others you see or interact with in your day
  5. Journal or think about what’s working well in your life? Who do you love and why?

These tips, when applied and used can really shift your vibrational and emotional state very quickly.

If you find yourself feeling resistant to doing those things, then sometimes some deeper things are going on for you, we cover off on those things in my Thrive Program, so you can understand exactly what is driving you unconsciously and start to shift and change these deeper patterns.

It can be so frustrating when we feel really stuck in low energy emotions.

Everyday we can become very habitual with our emotional state and what we choose to focus on, knowing how to change this is an important part of healing burnout and exhaustion.

Otherwise, we just keep draining and depleting our physical energy and adrenaline reserves because we feel so stressed, so fearful and so anxious everyday.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted, burnt out, and tired and good sleep is not budging these feelings, then I really encourage you to reach out and let’s chat.

So many women tend to suffer in this state, they feel like they have to figure it out on their own, or they feel they can’t ask for help, because they are so used to putting everyone else’s needs first.

If this is you, it’s even more important for you to book a call. This will be impacting you in every life area, often leading to feeling abandoned, not valued, used by others and leads to anger and resentment.

I know how that feels, I lived that way for 14 years of my life.

I’m here to help.

Book your FREE 45-minute Call ($247 Value) with me Today and get MASSIVE clarity on what’s keeping you stuck and perpetuating the BURNOUT and the EXACT steps to take, to heal your body.

Click to Book!

Oceans of Love,

Sal x

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