Are you putting your entire heart and soul into everything you do?

Are you putting your entire heart and soul into everything you do?
Or are you doing things half heartedly?

Are you holding back out of fear, out of worry, out of it not working out?

This has been a huge revelation for me today! I’ve realised that I haven’t been my fullest self lately.
But hadn’t been able to quite put my finger on it. I’ve been working through some deeper layers of fear and shame, releasing old ego identities that no longer are serving me and I hadn’t realised how much it had put the brakes on how I normally show up and how I choose to live my life whole heartedly!

Wow, I feel so super blessed, so super grateful to have realised this. I knew I was feeling resistance of some sort, as my body has also been unusually fatigued today, compared to how it normally feels.

I’d honestly forgotten what it felt like to not show up fully, and to be holding back out of fear, hanging about in the energy of doubt, fear and worry, never fully committing to things, for the fear that it wouldn’t work out.
It’s kind of a weird space to hang out, because I know for sure, long term I’d never create the results and outcomes that I want, and it keeps us in this kind of a loop and pattern where we would be constantly testing the waters without fully throwing ourself into it.

Life is meant to be lived, it’s meant to be messy, it’s meant to teach us stuff, we were not created to be perfect at all, we were meant to get it wrong, make mistakes and figure stuff out in order to truly experience life.

But if we are constantly wading in the shallow end, out of fear of not getting it right, we never get to experience the pure joy, the pure deliciousness of diving into the deep end and figuring out how to swim. It’s terrifying and exhilarating all at once and it’s the way that I truly love to show up in life.

However sometimes, if our confidence has been a little knocked around, if we’ve allowed things to impact our self-esteem, and if you’re physical body is not feeling great, then you will very humanly want to hold back.
We can sometimes have a great fear, that we don’t know if we could handle another setback, or another loss. Particularly if you have been moving through deep grief or loss, or a series of situations that haven’t worked out as you like. And that is also another indicator of being truly out of alignment with your real self.

Our ego/survival mind can certainly get a good grip on us, and paralyse us from taking inspired action in alignment with what our heart knows to be true.

When I’m in full alignment, that’s when I know I’m switched on, that’s when I know that I’m in my own inner power and very soon after I experience that feeling, is when things just seem to click into place from a place of ease and grace.
My feelings are always, always, always my first indication.

If I’m in fear, I’m nowhere near being aligned with my heart.
If I’m in doubt, worry, or hesitation, again nowhere near being in alignment with my truest self.
There is seriously nothing more energising, nothing more fulfilling, nothing more exhilarating than having a dream or a desired outcome, doing the inner work and feeling the excitement pulsate through you.

It is not for the half-hearted,
It is not for those that are happy wading in the shallow end,
It is not for those that are content with just “testing the waters and seeing how it goes”
It is for those that are filled with the courage and deep conviction, that life is here to be lived.

Because Gorgeous, you will never know what you are capable of,
You will never know what you can create, be, do or have,
You will never know what tremendous joy, love and happiness that you can receive through the pure alignment of your soul and being deeply committed to following your hearts truth.

It’s time to show up for you.
It’s time to embrace all of your courage,
All of your reasons why you want to live like this,
All of your inner power,
It’s time to leap into the unknown,
It’s time to spread your wings and fly
It’s time to set yourself free,
To truly,
With Love and Blessings,
Always in All Ways,
Sal xox

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