A chance to reset.

I love the start of a new day.
It always feels like a mini-reset.
A fresh start.
A clean slate…..

However you can literally choose to “reset” in any moment at all.
It comes through making a powerful choice,
Of no longer dragging the past, into your future moment.

By declaring your vision and getting super clear on what you do want instead!

Contrast and difficult life experiences serve us more than we can know, but only if we can turn our focus towards what we want instead.
When we repeatedly talk about, think about, focus on what went wrong, or what was difficult and challenging, we tend to create more of the same.

So today,
This moment right now,
Offers you a powerful choice….

What do you choose to create?
If you were already living your dream life, what would you be doing?
What’s one tiny step you can take towards this today?

Love and Blessings,
Sal x

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