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One of the hardest things about burnout is we can often feel so flat day in and day out from complete exhaustion, that we lose touch with our sense of joy, happiness, or any sense of excitement.

One of the main things I teach in my Thrive course is not only about how to overcome debilitating and disempowering beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” I can’t rest, or I can’t stop, or I have to please others, but also about learning how to master and work with your emotions.

This is not about avoiding, suppressing, or ignoring your emotions and putting a bright happy face on instead (this is actually a huge symptom and cause of burnout), but acknowledging and validating your emotions and consciously choosing ways that you can uplift and increase your emotional state of being.

In today’s live video I share a quick and simple process on how you can start to do this yourself.

It’s only one of many processes I share in my course, but it can be very powerful. Especially when applied on a regular basis.

Click the button below to watch this short 5 min video.

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A key symptom of burnout is increased negativity in our emotional state. Especially towards ourself and others.

Many women find that they’ve lost their spark, their sense of joy, their passion and zest for life when experiencing burnout and it’s so understandable.

With such diminished physical energy, it really can be very difficult to feel good emotionally.

Knowing how to overcome your emotions and increase your sense of self-love, self-worth and wellbeing and vibrancy again is absolutely essential to getting off the hamster wheel of the burnout cycle.

This is exactly the tools and strategies I share in my 28 Day Mini Thrive Course.

And so much more!!!


If you are:


Waking up feeling dread, anxiety and completely overwhelmed each day?

Experiencing brain fog and loss of cognitive abilities?

Have you been berating yourself and have a loud inner critic?

Do you feel that you just need to pull yourself together and just motivate yourself and be more organised?

Are you finding simple tasks that you used to find easy, completely overwhelming?


Do you feel overly responsible for everyone and everything in your life?

Do you find it difficult to say no and set healthy boundaries?

Do you experience resentment and feel that others take advantage of your generous nature?

Are you feeling exhausted each day, no matter how much sleep you’ve had?

Have you experienced long term chronic stress in your life?


And You’d love to:


Then click the button below to see how you can immediately start to shift this and reclaim your health and energy again!

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I’m so passionate about getting these tools into the hands of so many women, these tools are not only essential for healing burnout, but are key to living a happy and healthy life.

For this reason I’ve made this course affordable for everyone. This course is honestly worth $1000’s, yet you can get full lifetime access to it for just $37 per week x 4 payments or $97 as an upfront payment.

I’m truly excited for you to learn the tools in just 28 days, to really support your health and wellbeing on all the levels you need to, in order to heal burnout and end the cycle for good.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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