A Gift from God

Do you know that you are an extraordinary, magnificent, unique, vital and incredible aspect of source energy? 

You are indeed a Gift from God. 

(The God word used to really trigger me, so feel free to change it with spirit, universe, life, love, buddha, or any other word that works for you!)

Do you truly know your magnificence?

Do you truly know how precious you are? 

Do you truly know how much you are so deeply loved by the universe? 

With the polarity that we were born into, the ego-mind and our heart, we get to experience both fear and love, so that we can actually consciously choose who we wish to be, through a declaration of our own consciousness and expression of our actions. 

How would you know what hot is, if you never experienced cold? 

The same is true of love and fear.

At any given moment, we can be choosing fear or love… 

I love this so much, and I often need to remind myself of this choice every day.

(Yep, choosing love is never a one-time certificate, it’s a moment-to-moment decision.)

A moment-to-moment choice of choosing love over fear. 

Clarity over confusion.

Confidence over self-doubt.

Peace over anger.

Compassion over resentment.

Abundance over scarcity.

Vibrancy over-exhaustion.

Solutions over problems.

Gratitude and appreciation over blame and judgment. 

And in my own personal experience, it is not always easy to do. 

It takes mastery, 

It takes practice,

It takes time and repetition,

It takes getting really clear on what is MOST important to you!


Because in truth, our mind will go, wherever we are focusing at the time. 

The following three questions are super powerful in any situation that you are experiencing, that you are wanting to change.

  1. What do I want instead?
  2. Why do I want that?
  3. Who do I need to become in order to create that? 


The last question, in particular, is the most important. Most people believe that their external circumstances; their money, their health, their relationships, their job or business, their lifestyle, or life circumstances have nothing to do with themselves…… 

When the truth is, ALL of those things are a REFLECTION of your own inner beliefs, thoughts and feelings about each of those subjects. (Hard to hear, but true….)

This is why question 3 is so powerful. 

You cannot create a truly loving, empowered, happy and joyful intimate relationship from a place of powerlessness and resentment.

You cannot create a healthy bank account from a place of feeling terrified, angry, resentful, fearful, or worried about money.

You cannot create a vibrantly healthy body from a place of feeling exhausted, angry, tired and pushing yourself constantly. 

You cannot create a joyful and happy life from a place of feeling so disempowered, frustrated and constantly feeling angry at the world and at life, for the way things are. 

This is why SELF-RESPONSIBILITY is absolutely key and also why EMOTIONAL MASTERY, is so important. 

Most people want the circumstances to CHANGE, so they can feel better. 

However the opposite is true, when you FEEL BETTER, the circumstances can CHANGE.


Knowing this, and embodying and living this is two very different things. 

When this knowledge is embodied….. Life becomes extraordinary. 

And this is exactly what I teach in my 12 Week Thrive Program. 

Taking you from complete exhaustion and burnout, back to not only reclaim your health but supercharging your life.

Emotional Mastery and clearing your limiting beliefs is absolutely key.

For more information and to find out how to apply, please click the link below.

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Remember Gorgeous,

You are Magnificent,

You are so Precious,

You are so deeply Loved,

You are a Gift from God,


It’s time to remember that and to feel it and live the truth of that fully!


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 

P.S. I can’t wait to support you in transforming your health and your life.

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