A Powerful Strategy to support you….

There is nothing that lights my heart and my energy up more than supporting others to break through their own limitations and create a life of their dreams!!

I’ve known the pain of feeling so stuck.
I’ve known the pain of not living true to myself,

I’ve known the pain of what it’s likes to feel terrified about money, about burnout about not having enough time or energy left as a Mumma to truly be there for my kids in the way that I wanted to be, because I was working so many hours, to just pay the bills.


It all got to change, from a key DECISION I made.

To CHOOSE to no longer live from this place and to do everything in my power and capacity to make the changes I needed to, to be and live the way I truly wanted to.

It was uncomfortable as.
It felt so challenging,
I had to face off with my fears again and again.

I had to be willing to experience discomfort and doing things that really pushed against my edges and limitations of who I believed I was.

I had to really step into becoming who I wanted to be, way before I felt that I was that person.

Yet it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH every single bit of it, for the life I get to enjoy now.

And I promise, things get to change for you, if you truly want them to.

I cannot tell you how beyond grateful I am that I created my online business back in 2016, being able to travel with my girls on school holidays, being able to take them to amazing places and being able to experience so many beautiful times and create special memories for us.

Especially now, because they’ve flown the nest. I cannot tell you, how grateful I am that I did these things. I know in my heart, I would have had major, major regrets, had I not done this.

They say the time goes so fast when our kids are growing up, I know it didn’t feel like that in the midst of the challenges and hardships, but when I look back it was the blink of an eye, and it honestly brings tears to my eyes, with so much gratitude for doing what I did.

That time is so precious and it goes so fast and we can never, ever
get that time back, once it’s gone.

Building a solid relationship with my girls, by being present, by
growing together, through special times and memories, doing things we loved, all of those things fill my heart with immense joy and so much gratitude that I chose to create a life of freedom for us.

And you get to as well.

Years ago, I struggled when I first started my business, I had no clue what I was doing, I was all alone, there were no systems, there was no strategy and I invested over $300k in myself, mentors and courses to figure it all out.

Yet there is a MUCH better, FASTER and EASIER way!
And that’s what I’m so damn excited about and has me jumping for joy!!!!

It is such a blessing,
It is such a privilege to be able to share a proven strategy and an automated and leveraged system that has already helped thousands of Mums set themselves free.

Not to mention the massive mindset shifts, the transformations, the confidence, the self-belief that comes from creating your own 6 Figure income.

You no longer have to subscribe to the 9-5 job and after the last few years, we’ve seen that a job is no indicator of financial security.

Taking financial matters into your own hands to really secure yours and your families future is so important, especially right here in these current times.

But even more than that, it’s getting to live life on your own terms.

No longer being dictated to, when you have to start work, or when you can head home or need to pick your kids up from school or daycare.

No longer being dictated to, when you can and can’t take holidays and for how long for.

No longer being dictated to, what you’ll receive as financial renumeration for your gifts, talents and strengths….

If you are looking for another way,
If you are ready to create your own online business,

If affiliate marketing is something that you’ve thought of before, but don’t know what to do,

If you’ve tried low ticket and burnt yourself out and exhausted yourself doing so, with barely any gain, because you are only receiving $20-$50 commissions,

If you are ready to really take full self-responsibility for your life and your finances and to create a life you love,

Then you will absolutely want to be part of The Solution Summit!!
It started today!

If you aren’t already one of the 1800 people that have already registered, to transform and change their lives and you’d love access to this powerful training, then let me know asap – there is still chance to claim your free spot inside to catch the replay

Now is the time to get serious about minimising your expenses and maximising your income and we have the solutions to support you in these current times ahead. This is your invitation to be part of a vital discussion, we’re taking your future seriously.

Email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au to claim your free spot to watch the replay.
All the Love,
Sal x

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