Alignment is everything

Alignment is everything…. 

Without it, we are in massive resistance and life is 100 times harder when we operate from resistance, from effort, from fear, from struggle, from exhaustion, from pushing way too hard, not knowing that 95% of your results first and foremost come from your aligned energy, intentions and what you truly deeply believe.

How do you know what you truly believe? By what is currently showing up in your life. By how you are living life, by what you say to yourself continually about life, about money, about relationships, about your partner, about your children, about your body. 

Your beliefs, are your current manifested life. 

That sounds like a big statement, and years ago I would have laughed in your face if you’d have said that to me.

Whatever you believe that you deserve, or are worthy of, or that is possible for you, is what is showing up. Whatever you continue to allow yourself to experience, be it “positive or negative” is what you believe that you can have.

Years ago I didn’t even believe the man of my dreams existed, let alone lived any where near me, or that I would ever meet him.

Years ago, I absolutely didn’t believe that it was possible for me to make 6 figures, let alone by doing what I loved with so much freedom.

Years ago, I hated my body and believed I was fat and ugly and felt completely controlled by food and emotional eating, instead of having a truly healthy relationship with my body and food.

Years ago, I over gave, and felt like a doormat in some of my relationships, because I didn’t actually believe in my heart that I was lovable, or worthy of being loved and believed that I had to compensate massively because of my gigantic flaws.

Yet Ten Years on, I absolutely believe with my whole entire being that we create our own reality with our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, because as I look around in every area of my life, I know without a doubt that I made a conscious choice for it to be this way and cleared sooooo much inner rubbish, and mind trash, in order to create, receive and take action on living and creating my current life. 

If you are living in exhaustion, fear, stress, anxiety, powerlessness and experiencing self-loathing, I know how you feel, I lived there for years and I promise there is a better way.

I got so tired of living that way and my heart was breaking, literally from raising my girls and feeling so angry, resentful and powerless most of the time.

I was desperate to find the answers.

I’ve had so many moments when I’ve fallen out of alignment and gone back into massive stress, fear, resistance, it’s normal (we are humans, of course!) and I just got faster and faster at catching myself and doing the inner work to put myself back on the path. 

Fear will show up without a doubt if you are growing, evolving and getting out of your comfort zone, sorry for the uninspiring pep talk, but it will, because otherwise you’d already have created that thing and stepped into it. It’s the fear that is the current limitation, unconsciously or consciously blocking you from what you desire to create.

Fear is not something to resist, it’s something to lean into and embrace, because it’s on the other side of that fear, that you find your full Freedom, until you outgrow that layer and bump into more fear as you continue to expand, but when we retract, when we pull back, when we don’t allow ourself to embrace the fear, then it controls us. 

Then we are living in the day to day stress of it. Feeling the resistance. The angst, the stress, the disappointment of not living our fullest life.

Then we end up blaming fear as the reason that we are not following our own heart and creating a life that we love. 

And before you know it, you are settling and coming back into the familiar and known, what is comfortable (or rather, what is familiar.) Because I know for sure, what I was living years ago, was totally not comfortable, but it was what I WAS COMFORTABLE WITH. Because I BELIEVED, that was all I DESERVED. I believed that was just my lot, that was just what I had been given and I better be grateful for it. 

Gorgeous, there is a whole world waiting for you.

A whole life for you to step into and create at a totally different level.

But you cannot get there from struggling, from pushing yourself, from exhaustion. 

You cannot get there with HUGE DESIRE and NO BELIEF. 

That’s burnout right there, it’s like having your foot on the accelerator and brake at the same time. You chew through a whole lot of energy and don’t really get anywhere.

You are powerful beyond imagining.

You are a divine creator.

You are here to live and express your life fully being you.

You are here to live into the truth and fullness of who you are.

You are here to share your incredible gift and unique perspective. 

You are here to shine your light into the world. 

But you have to know exactly how to calibrate your energy and live more in alignment on a day to day basis, if you want to do that from flow, ease and grace. 

How do you know if you are aligned?


You feel AMAZING!



You KNOW in your HEART that you are absolutely creating what it is that you DESIRE



If this is how you want to live life? 

Click the button below Gorgeous.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox


P.S. I see so many women burning themselves out, and not understanding what is the fundamental cause of it. It’s honestly so heartbreaking. The toll that it takes on our mental and physical wellbeing is so shocking, not to mention what it does to our intimate relationship, relationship with our children, friends and family and even further more how it impacts income flow, promotions and business results. 

If you are feeling tired, exhausted and worn out and you are committed and ready to make a change, to truly reclaim not only your health, but your passion, joy and massive abundance, then click below to watch my 5 Step Masterclass on Overcoming Burnout and Super charging your life! I can promise you it’s absolutely worth your time. xox

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