Amazing affirmations to help you!

Would you like the exact affirmations I’ve used recently that literally helped me to triple my income this month?

(And yes I did take aligned action too! 😉)

Going through burnout made me realise just how important income is, but passive income specifically.

At the time though, although I had small amounts of revenue coming in passively, it was no where near enough to cover all of my regular living and business expenses.

It made me realise I needed to figure out a way,

To be able to be supported so that I could rest, heal my body and not to be stressed out financially.

Fast forward a few years to now,

And I have found a way.

This is also a major part of the reason in how I was able to triple my income this month.

Not only growing and compounding my passive income, but also supporting women as I normally do with my coaching business and doing my money mindset work to truly allow myself to be supported.

Healing our money mindset is one of the most important things we can ever do, for ourselves and for the world. More wealth in the hands of heart-led women, can make such a difference with how we can also help others.

And it means you can also be sustainable in the world, and no longer burn yourself out.

If you’d love to get the very same affirmations I used that literally helped me to triple my income this month, then click below to join my Empowered Women, Empowered Wealth Facebook Group, where you’ll get access to the affirmations, as well as so many powerful, free trainings on money mindset!

Click here to join!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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