Are things falling apart?

A gentle reminder….

When things seem to be falling apart, it can actually be the universe conspiring to bring you exactly what you desire and really want.

So often we can prejudge when big life events happen.

A relationship ending,

A physical injury,

Something not working out the way we wanted it to.

We can end up making it mean, that we failed in some way,

That we weren’t good enough,

Or lovable enough,

Or that something is really wrong with us and why can’t we get our S&*! Figured out?

When in actual fact,

What if space was being created to bring you the very thing you have been dreaming of, wanting and desiring for a long time?

What if, things actually needed to crumble or fall away to create the space needed to bring in the new?

I remember years ago when my marriage fell apart.

I felt like it was happening to me at the time, that I was so unlovable,

Yet on some level, I absolutely knew I had co-created this too.

I had wanted to leave for a long time, yet never had the courage to do so.

We were worlds apart in our values and what we truly wanted from life and how we both desired to live.

I’d been trying to fit into a world that wasn’t me.

When my marriage fell apart, so many things went with it,

Yet it was a call back to my soul.

It was a call back to my most authentic self.

It was a call back to home for myself.

And in the crumbling,

In the chaos,

In the rubble,

I found myself again.

Rising from within and this time,

Building foundations that were strong, stable, and built entirely on the foundation of my own authentic self and what was right for me.

So just a lil reminder today,

If you are going through a difficult time,

If things feel that your foundations are crumbling,

I get it, it can feel scary.

But hold onto your faith,

Hold onto your dreams and visions,

Hold onto your biggest desires,

And surrender to the universe,

To show you the way,

Your life will expand in direct correlation with the amount of trust, faith, belief, and courage,

That you can breathe into.

And sending a little extra love your way today.

Love and Blessings,

Sal xx

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