Are you a passenger or a driver?

I had this realisation on the weekend, of how much I honestly really just enjoy being on the back of my partner’s motorbike.

I love the feeling of relaxing, not needing to make decisions or be responsible for our safety, just being able to relax and enjoy the scenery, and sometimes, wondering where we are going to end up that will be fun and adventurous. (We don’t often create a solid plan before we leave, it’s fun and spontaneous.)

And the following day, I had the awkwardness, the fear of getting back on my own scooter and riding again, not feeling very confident and figuring it all out again, after not being on it for quite some time and I realised, it’s a lot like life…..

It can be so much easier to be a passenger. To just go along with the flow.
To not know where we will end up, but to just relax and have fun.

It seems like so much hard work to be the driver. Especially when you’re on your L’s To take full responsibility for my own safety and wellbeing, to make the decisions of where I’m going and where I’ll end up.

Yet there is something extra special that happens by taking the time and developing the confidence to be the driver.

You have the full freedom of going where you want to go and the most important part is you BUILD YOUR TRUST AND CONFIDENCE in your OWN ABILITY to get there.
And there is something deeply satisfying and super self-loving about building those skills and self-confidence.

As women, I believe it’s so important to have this. It builds such a strong foundation, of knowing who you are, of knowing what’s important to you and that you can absolutely take care of yourself if you need to.

In fact, I feel that it actually allows a woman to deeply relax even more, and to trust in the divine masculine to lead the way when she knows deep inside that if she needed to, she could and can take care of herself and put herself back in the driver’s seat if she needed to.

Life can become very difficult when we lose faith, trust, and confidence in our own ability to take care of ourself as women.

When we rely on others so much that we become dependent on them, we don’t know how to take care of life and to take care of the things that are necessary to make sure we are living life in alignment with our true values.

If you are with the wrong driver and you are a passenger, your wellbeing or safety may be very compromised,

If you are with the wrong driver and your values are worlds apart, you may end up somewhere that is not right for you at all.

If you are with the wrong driver you can end up giving away your power entirely and hoping and wishing that they’d change or be different but feeling that you can’t leave because you don’t have the ability or capacity to take care of yourself.

And if you haven’t built the skills you need to step into the driver’s position, I promise, it can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable in the above situations.
One of these areas for so many women is finances.

Being the driver of their own financial security and freedom. Giving themselves the clear ability to create their dream life and support and contribute to their family and loved ones in a meaningful way.

There is something so satisfying and deeply rewarding to create your own financial wellbeing as a woman. It’s something I’m deeply proud of to have created a 6 Figure business year on year.

To have raised my girls in a single income house and paid over $45000 in private school fees alone, by myself.

To have taken them on amazing trips such as Uluru, The Great Ocean Road, and many other road trips to have had the time and the freedom on school holidays to go with them and still earn an income on the road.

Having the confidence, the ability, and the skills to create your own financial freedom is one of the most amazing gifts you will ever give yourself as a woman.

It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and it also gave me the biggest personal growth from this experience.

• Learning what my relationship with money is like.

• Getting confident and comfortable in handling larger sums of money.

• Knowing who I needed to become in order to be confident in this area of my life.

If you would love to be more Confident in your ability to be the Driver of your Own Financial Security,

If you would love to create an amazing 6 – 7 Figure business online that is LEVERAGED and AUTOMATED.

If you would love to be part of an EPIC community of GLOBAL HEART-CENTRED ENTREPRENEURS that raise each other up and support and cheer each other on.
If you would love to have a location free, lifestyle portable ONLINE BUSINESS that you can take with you anywhere and everywhere

If you KNOW you have work to do on your MONEY MINDSET, then be sure to email me at with the message “FREEDOM”, to get the link to an amazing TRAINING to support you on your journey to getting back into the driver’s seat and massively UPLEVELING your MONEY MINDSET!

I promise you, it’s every bit worth it.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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