Are you a repellent or a magnet for what you want?

Our energy is attracting and creating
our own world in every moment.

Just think about this. IF you are feeling angry and are experiencing the energy of anger, it is highly likely that people are moving are way from you. If you are feeling loving kind and considerate, then it is highly likely that people are moving towards you and enjoy being near you.

It is the same with every single thing in our life. The energy that we give off about any particular subject is always creating new
experiences. These experiences could feel that they are the same experiences as the day before, because our thoughts about those
particular things may not have changed. For example we may expect a certain behaviour from a person, therefore we interact with them, in a certain way, that continues to elicit that behaviour from them.

We are never in control of another persons actions and the harder that we push to want that person to change their behaviour, the more resistance and pushback from that person we generally receive. It has been my absolute experience that every single time, that I take responsibility for what I am attracting into my life and clear up and clean up the limiting belief and repetitive thoughts that is creating it, then the whole situation resolves itself and just seems to drop away. It continues to amaze me, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The best part is, that it leaves everybody else out of the equation. In other words, we don’t have to attempt to change them for our life to improve. And quite often this is what keeps people stuck and feeling powerless to live a life they love. Because they believe that it is EVERYTHING OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES that has to change in order for it to be better for them. I say a big fat NO to that.

If our life is not the way we want it to be, it is OUR SELF that needs to change. Our own thoughts and beliefs. We HAVE to do the INNER work and if we are not willing to, we will just continue to get the same results and continue to blame everything outside of our self for our life being the way it is. One of the hardest things that I ever heard was that my life was exactly the way it was because of me. Tough to hear. My Mum had died, My former husband had left and I felt broke, alone and deserted . However it was also the BEST thing that I ever heard and took on BOARD. Because it SET ME FREE! It enabled me to step into my power by taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my life. Not necessarily for all of the EVENTS or CIRCUMSTANCES, I didn’t cause my Mum to die, but for HOW I was CHOOSING to RESPOND to them and for what I was also MAKING THOSE EVENTS MEAN.

I truly believe that the greatest FREEDOM that we have in life is the freedom to choose what we MAKE THINGS MEAN.

A friend doesn’t call us back. We can make it mean, that they are super busy and have a lot going on in their lives, and perhaps, need some support or love from us. Or that they are selfish, don’t have time for us, they don’t care about us, or they are a bad friend. Choice is ours and by what we make it MEAN, it will determine our actions and therefore the RESULTS that show up in our LIFE. We are constantly CREATING and ATTRACTING. Our thoughts by their very nature are creative. They are creating how you FEEL in every moment, and
therefore AFFECTING your ENERGY. Ever had a thought that you weren’t good enough? How did it make you feel? What were your
actions because of that? What happened as a result of your actions? Ever had a thought that you did a great job? How did that make you feel? What were your actions because of that? What happened as a result of your actions?

I believe that in truth, we are ALL magnets ALL OF THE TIME. It’s just a matter of what you are attracting with your MAGNETISM! We may feel that we are repelling all of the great things that we want in life; better relationships, health and more money. However ALL that we are doing is ATTRACTING the experience of not having these things BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT WE ARE THINKING about. We THINK that we don’t have enough of these things, therefore we FEEL that we don’t have enough of these things, our ACTIONS (or inactions)
represent these beliefs and thoughts and therefore our RESULTS, give us exactly what we were THINKING. This then also REINFORCES THE OLD THOUGHT OR BELIEF, that continues this SAME OLD CYCLE. That is repeated over and over and over again, UNTIL, we ignore REALITY and CREATE A NEW THOUGHT about what we DO WANT. In this moment, we become MAGNETISED for what WE WANT. What trips people up the most, is that generally they are so FOCUSED on what they don’t want. That is exactly what they are attracting. Therefore the KEY, is to THINK about and FOCUS on what you DO WANT!

By taking TIME everyday, to create your life anew by thinking about and dreaming about what you want your life to be and writing it down as IF IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, can be one of the most POWERFUL WAYS of starting to create significant changes in our lives.

By writing it down every single day and getting clear on our VISION and where we want to go, and writing it as if it has already
happened, then we are shifting our THOUGHTS, we are therefore changing our FEELINGS, we are feeling more INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, ENTHUSIASTIC and more willing to TAKE DIFFERENT ACTIONS. We start seeing DIFFERENT RESULTS, this continues to REINFORCE the new BEHAVIOUR, THOUGHT AND BELIEF and our REALITY begins to line up with our new THOUGHTS. Know that there is LAG TIME. This can be another thing that trips people up. As they believe that nothing has changed YET. So they STOP. They go back to worrying that it’s not working, they go back to thinking about everything that is not how they want it to be. And so the CYCLE CONTINUES.

To create CHANGE, you MUST build the EMOTIONAL MUSCLE and RESILIENCE, to master your emotions and to hold STEADFAST to your VISION.

Want to know how to do that? Text me on 0428 316 546 now.

Blessings and love,
Sal xoxo

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