Are you a Worrier or a Warrior?

Where does your focus tend to go each day?

Are you more focused on what you are worried about?
Or annoyed at other people’s behaviour?
Or do you stack all the things that are currently going wrong? 

Or do you focus on what’s going right and working well to empower you energetically?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wake up and I’m thinking about things that frustrate me, or that I’m worried about. 

It never feels great. In fact, I tend to even be pretty hard on myself for feeling that way, because I feel that “ I should know better by now!” 

Bless….. Got to love being human hey? 

Do you do the same too?

Some patterns of behaviour are hard to change, and what I’ve noticed is that when I’m more physically tired, it’s much harder to control my focus. 

Our minds are hard-wired to survive.

The lower our physical energy is, the more the mind fights to protect us, so it becomes hypervigilant, looking at all the things that could be a potential threat to us.

It’s great for keeping us physically alive.

But it definitely does not contribute to our personal happiness and general feelings of wellbeing on any level.

Not to mention, it tends to attract more of the same fears, worries, frustrations and challenges because of the law of attraction, bringing us the reflection of our current emotional state, in our experiences and life events.

Worried about money? Here’s another bill…. 

So what to do?

One of the things that truly has made the biggest difference for me over the years, is my daily attention to my focus. 

I direct my mind, by using powerful journaling questions to embrace my inner warrior and let go of my inner worrier. 

What is working well in my life right now?

What am I truly blessed and grateful for?

What are the 3 things that I like, love, and genuinely appreciate about myself and my partner? 

What do I truly want?

Why do I want that? 


All of these questions will help you to train your focus, especially on the days when you find it hardest. 

We are very habitual beings. 

If you’ve had a lifetime habit of worrying, it’s hard to shift that in a day!

Be kind and gentle with yourself. 

Become more self-aware, by consciously checking in regularly during the day, and asking yourself, what am I thinking about or focusing on right now? 

Is that what I want to create more of? 

If not, make sure you switch your focus by asking what it is that you do want.


Training our minds to think and focus differently does take time, but I can promise you it’s totally worth it.

When we focus on the outcomes that we truly want to create and why that’s important, it will give you an instant energy boost, you will feel lighter in your body.

You will feel a sense of joy, freedom, and excitement in your life.

That’s when you know you are truly on the right track. 


You’ve totally got this Gorgeous.

You are a divine creator!

You are a light warrior!

You are a powerful and magnificent being!


I love you. 


Sending you so much love, blessings, and good wishes for an amazing and magical day,

Sal xox



If you are completely exhausted and tired, you feel that your life circumstances are making you feel negative and depleted, it’s time to do the inner work. 

So many people are hoping, praying, and wishing that their life circumstances will change. 

I truly believe that my external life is an absolute reflection of my own internal state. 

I’ve experienced this so many times, when I change what I think, belief, focus on, and feel each day, then my outer reality changes as a result.

If you want to change your life, you have to be prepared to change yourself. 

If you are so done with where you are currently at but have no clue how to change it, book a call with me today, to embrace your inner warrior.

You are deserving of a wonderful life. Your children need you now, more than ever before to be the powerful leader and role model that you are. 

Book your call here Gorgeous:

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