Are you answering your Soul’s Calling?

After 10 years of 1:1 healing and coaching and working with beautiful clients, I was devastated.

I’d become so burnt out, so exhausted and so overwhelmed to the point, that I was questioning if I should actually keep my business.

It was breaking my heart because I knew that healing and helping others was my soul calling, yet I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I had been…..

I felt stuck, powerless, and almost too exhausted to keep going, but too exhausted to change anything either….

I desperately wanted to get my energy back.

To wake up feeling amazing and excited again each day and to reclaim my health, energy, and high vibe. And I knew in my heart I absolutely wanted to get back to helping people in an even more powerful, but sustainable way.

I was finding it so hard to get everything done in a day I felt I needed to accomplish.

There was just so much to do, and I felt I didn’t have the time, the energy, the focus, or the drive to do it……

I felt like I was failing.

I felt like I was letting my clients down.

I felt like I was letting my family down because I was no longer as present as I wanted to be.

I was waking up feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed and felt so much dread every day.

I’d created a business that needed so much of my time, energy, and focused and I also had built a business model that meant if I stopped working, it meant I didn’t get paid….

That just caused so much more stress and anxiety and kept me on the crazy treadmill….

I had to find a different way.

I needed to create a way to automate and leverage my income and create multiple streams of income so that I could actually take time out to rest and truly listen to and honour my body and monthly cycle.

It’s honestly been years since I’ve actually had a two-week holiday….

I was looking for change…..

I had been watching a soul mate friend for the last 4 years…..

When I met her 6 years ago, she was working 24/7, always hustling, always pushing, and was making a healthy 6 figure income, but at a huge price to her health and wellbeing. She was burnt out…..

In the last few years I’ve seen her step into 6 Figure months….. AND hit the 7 figure mark in her business.

And even though she had 10 X’d her money she was actually even more chill, more relaxed, more in flow. Taking a month off here and there when she needed to…..

I got super curious….

I wanted to know what she was doing differently.

I took a leap of faith as I could see my Sister Rising and I absolutely wanted to be a part of that! I could see the soul mate tribe she was a part of, which also made a huge difference to her up-leveling and how she had really stepped into Embodied Leadership.

I made a new decision to allow money to flow to me easily. To understand that in order for me to give more, I had to allow myself to receive more, that it’s impossible to give from an empty bucket.

I’m committed to giving, even more, this year.

I’m committed to giving huge amounts from the overflow.

So that I also know in my heart, I’m doing it in a sustainable way.

In a way that is nurturing to my body.

In a way that helps me to sustain my energy and my enormous capacity to love deeply and to share that with others.

In a way that feels Soul Good, deep inside.

I had to shift my money beliefs and overcome my fears of not deserving, not feeling worthy of it if I didn’t work really hard for it.

I had to shift my B.S. of feeling it’s bad or wrong to have lots of money.

I had to shift my B.S. of feeling that others would hate me or be jealous of me.

I had to shift the B.S. that was holding me back and not giving myself permission, therefore not being the light, the example to give others permission, to heal their hearts, to allow themselves to receive abundantly, and to know their innate worth.

My vision is to help so many Women truly become abundantly wealthy.

We to no longer held back by the B.S. money beliefs and limitations that we place on ourselves, and that have been placed on us by society.

My vision is to create 6 Figure months and to support 1000’s of other women to create the same for themselves.

Empowered women, empower women.


(The one thing that kept me trapped in an unhealthy relationship that was breaking my heart and soul for 14 years, was not feeling financially independent, feeling so terrified that I’d never be able to support my kids on my own, loss of confidence, loss of power, loss of autonomy to make my own decisions that support me and my soul growth…… NEVER AGAIN, will that happen to me.)

This still breaks my heart when I think about it now and for all of the other women in the world that are stuck in these F’d up situations that destroy their soul, and their confidence and damage their spirits…..

I vow to help so many women free their hearts, minds, and spirits, because the pain of not doing so, means that we continue the trauma into future generations.

This is my vision going forward.

I am passionate and lit like never before.

My soul is calling me forwards.

I am determined.

I am ready mentally.

I am ready physically.

I am ready emotionally.

And I am ready Spiritually.

It’s time to step into your power.

When we do, the UNIVERSE moves with us.

What is your VISION?


What mission is your heart calling you towards?

Who needs your help, your fire, and your passion to help set them free?

I’ve already doubled my income in the last two months, just from the mindset shifts….

If you are READY to step into your POWER.

If you are READY to CLAIM your ABUNDANCE.

If you are READY to ANSWER, the calling of your SOUL’S MISSION.

If you are READY to create an AUTOMATED and LEVERAGED INCOME, that supports you to do your SOUL’S WORK in a SUSTAINABLE way.

If you are READY to create an ONLINE DIGITAL ASSET that serves you and your family for years to come.

If you are READY to relax into greater EASE, FLOW, JOY, and ABUNDANCE, then email me at with the message “I’M READY”.

It’s time Gorgeous,

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


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