Are you being led by soul?

Are you being led by soul?

Who’s in the driver’s seat? 

Is it your higher larger self, that feels confident, filled with grace, trust, contentment, joy, excitement, passion for life and your journey?

Or is it your survival mind/ego? Frantically searching, stressed, tense, anxious if it’s got the right directions, anxious if it’s going to make the right decisions, rushing, pushing to get there, just wants to know that it will get to the destination, freaked out and white-knuckling it, clinging to dear life to the steering wheel, hoping and praying that you’ll get there, just so you can rest? 

I love these analogies as they often play out in my own head, and totally crack me up with the resonance of it all as I stand back, observe and be curious about where I’m currently at in my energy state.

To be honest I oscillate a lot between the two most days. But the beautiful thing is I no longer LIVE from my ego/survival mind constantly…. 

I recognise the signs and choose to come back to my heart and my soul, relax into my beingness and breathe deeply and smile widely at the amazingness of life and the synchronicities that continue to blow me away, that continually let me know that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

When we live from our ego/survival mind, we are in a constant state of guardedness and protection. To others we may look happy, content, even enjoying life, but deep down we know in our heart that it’s not the truth of what we are currently experiencing. 

I often find that it’s the people that are always there for others, always helping others, always the “strong and capable” ones, that from the outside look like they always have it together. 

They are strongly empathetic towards others, they are sensitive and have a MASSIVE big heart and love DEEPLY.  They truly want to make a difference in the world, and they do every day, but often fail to take care of themselves, or feel guilty for putting their self-care first. 

They can be living in overwhelm, rushing from one thing to the next, not really knowing or understanding what the urgency or drive is and why they actually don’t stop to give themselves rest or take care of themselves, even though they logically know they should. 

Underneath all of that is often deep pain and sometimes even deep trauma locked in, unconsciously it’s an attempt to control their emotions and everything they are feeling, unconsciously they are looking to distract so that they don’t have to really acknowledge what’s going on for them. 

The challenging part is that often this is at the cost of their family and not in the way that you’d think.

For sure, sometimes they might lose patience with their kids, sometimes they may feel anger and resentment for over-giving, but deeper than that, they are teaching their children the very same patterns of martyrdom and over-giving at the sacrifice and detriment to themselves.

It’s these very patterns that we need to clear, so our future generations, don’t live from a place of fear, push, scarcity and create further disease in the body.

It’s these very patterns that need to be healed, transformed and transmuted into something much more sustainable, to continue the great work of love and healing in the world. 

It’s these very patterns that need to be observed and brought to the light of consciousness in order to overcome the DIS-EASE state that our bodies often end up in as HUGE BIG MESSAGES that something needs to change in order to be sustainable in the world.

When we tune into soul,

When we listen to our hearts,

When we take time to hear the messages from our body,

We come back into alignment.

We drop out of our head and back into our heart centre,

We naturally come back to a place of wholeness,

No longer searching for or trying to prove our lovability, worthiness, or value.

We connect back into nature,

We connect back into life,

We connect back into flow,

We take time to fill our own bucket in ways that bring joy,

Knowing that all of this leads to greater sustainability in the world,

Leading to greater capacity and ability to empower others to take care of themselves also,

Leading to genuine connection to life, to the soul, to the immense power and magnitude of who you are.

Leading to greater expression of the fullness of your heart’s desires 

And all that you were born to be.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


If you know it’s time to come back to soul, if you know it’s time to heal you if you know that you are over-giving and overworking, white-knuckling it and in a state of exhaustion and know that you need to heal this not only for yourself but for your family, if you are 100% committed to transforming your life and are ready to take self-responsibility for change, then it’s time to take charge, it’s time to follow your heart. Reach out and book your complimentary  call with me, I will help you get clear on 3 things:

  1.       Exactly where your health is currently at.
  2.       What is the exact biggest root cause of your health issues? (THIS MAY BE AN EMOTIONAL OR MENTAL CAUSE and often can be because of unresolved traumas that continue an ongoing pattern of pain until it is healed and resolved.)
  3.       How you can begin to heal those issues to restore your full health

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