Are you brave?

There’s always a void to step into…..

The unknown terrifies most people, 

However, getting comfortable with uncertainty, 

Getting comfortable with the unknown, 

Getting comfortable with change and newness, 

Is the very thing that sets you free, from feeling stuck, bogged down, and feeling powerless to change your life.

It is our fear of the unfamiliar and unknown that can honestly keep humans stuck in relationships, in jobs, in situations and circumstances that they know in their heart, they should have left years ago.

It is the sheer terror of change, that holds these situations in place, only to be draining our life force energy and holding us back from our dreams and a life that we would truly be living, if we had the courage and the fortitude to just let go. 

But it’s the abyss in-between that scares most people too much, that prevents them from taking the step.

It’s the focus on “what if it’s worse there”,

It’s the fear of it not working out.

It’s the fear of being alone,

It’s the fear of experiencing the vacuum of the void, 


Which is the very thing necessary, that allows the space for the new creation, desire or experience to unfold. 

Are you willing?

Are you courageous enough to draw a line in the sand? 

Without courage, you cannot access your heart’s energy. 

It is your personal will, combined with divine will, that provides the clear pathway for your dream life to unfold in a perfect way for you.

But often it starts by taking the first step, without knowing what the other steps are, which freaks most people out. 


Because the Ego mind craves certainty.

It craves knowing for sure.

It craves security. 


Yet a safe life, a familiar life, will hold you back from living the life of your dreams every single time.

There is a terrifying exhilaration that comes from stepping into the river of change.

It is exhilarating because you actually don’t know what’s going to happen.

Emotional mastery is key at this point because if you let the fear take over, you lose your focus.

You will lose your footing and your stability. 


Staying true to your heart.

Staying true to holding the vision with precision focus, 

Is the key,

To having,




All that you ever desired. 


But first, it starts with taking that first step.

It starts with having the courage, the will, the desire to want something more for yourself.


To know that you are worthy,

To know that you are deserving

To know that you truly can have, be and do anything you desire. 


It takes loving you.

It takes letting the past go.

It takes embracing yourself with total self-love, compassion, and clear courage. 


With Love and Blessings,


Sal xox


If you’ve ever struggled with your worth, or feeling inadequate or like a fraud, it’s time to release any past stories that have created pain for you, or made you feel ashamed, or that you are not enough.

These are the very familiar things, that are keeping you stuck!

These stories hold you back in every area of life and affect how you treat yourself and how you allow yourself to be treated.

They are self-perpetuating, meaning when we believe that we are not enough, we continue to look for and find evidence as to why that is true, again continuing the painful cycle.

Gorgeous, I promise you, it’s time for a change, It’s time to come back to you, the REAL you. 

It’s time to overcome all of the painful thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself, or what you’ve made things mean. 

It’s time to truly set yourself free.

To truly love who you are deeply and unconditionally. 

To know in your heart and soul that you are absolutely enough.

That you are a magnificent divine creator and that you are worthy of great things. 

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