Are you constantly pushing to get things done?

Are you constantly pushing to get things done?

I have days when I feel tired when I’ve pushed a little too hard and my physical energy just does not feel that great.

I tend to get frustrated that I’m not getting enough done, that I think I “should” be doing more.

And I can feel the resistance to it all.

Do you feel the same?

I notice that as the frustration builds, the physical energy drops even more, and then the overwhelm starts to set in.

It’s been an interesting cycle for me and one that I’m sure plenty of women, can relate to, especially when we are not attuned to our monthly cycle also.

That feeling of needing or having to get more done in a day.

The undercurrent of fear keeps us in a constant state of stress and fight/flight response.

Our body is tense, our breathing is shallow and we tend to attempt to do way too much, or think about doing too much, which only increases the feeling of resistance, and the procrastination and spinning on the spot occur, or worse still we keep pushing well beyond our current physical limits and what we know is healthy for us.

Our body gives us so many signs and indicators that we are out of alignment, and need to stop and or slow down; migraines, headaches, exhaustion, muscle tension, all sorts of things letting you know that you’re out of kilter.

And yet there’s another part of you that feels that it can’t stop, that it’s wrong to stop, that it is just not even a conceivable possibility of you stopping.

It’s frustrating I know and it keeps us on the hamster wheel.

The one thing, that I know that counts the most each and every single day, is how you feel!

Because it’s also a sign of what you attracting more of in the coming days.

This totally lets us know if we are heading in the right direction or not, with what we are creating in our lives.

If we feel bogged down, tired, and exhausted and believe that we have too much to do, then we are attracting more of that!

If we are feeling that we are procrastinating, wasting time, not getting done what’s most important then we will be creating more and more of that.

Knowing how to immediately stop this cycle is paramount, because until we do. We just keep experiencing groundhog day, again and again, and generally, our health, happiness, and income are deteriorating with it….

I have a couple of key questions to check in and ask myself to ensure this cycle doesn’t continue. (I’ve popped them down the bottom of this post.)

And I’m totally committed to creating from a place of Ease, Flow and Joy.

These questions bring me right back on track to a state of internal stability and state of equilibrium. They have helped me realise how sometimes my own fear, resistance and exhaustion, can cause me to feel out of whack, and prevents me from being true to myself.

It can prevent me from speaking and saying what I need to, out of fear of judgement, out of fear of not being enough, and honestly derails my results.

It’s frustrating because even though we are putting the hours and the work in, the results just aren’t showing and this is when we know that unconsciously we are limiting our self, from being in flow and allowing the results to come easily from a place of true alignment, faith, and trust.

When we Align ourself, with our beliefs, and emotions and have the right systems in place to support us, life becomes truly magical.

However when we have limiting beliefs such as I have to work really, really hard to deserve money, all sorts of challenges present. Because that’s literally what we are creating more of in our life.

And so my small self and ego-mind want to hide, it doesn’t want to be seen, it thinks about itself and protecting itself.

It becomes so self-conscious and anxious that all it can think about is itself.

It judges itself and blames itself, feeling that it is not enough and there must be something wrong with it, otherwise why would it be experiencing all of this.

The small self and ego-mind are desperate for security and to feel a sense of control again.

It forgets that I have a larger goal in life, to play full out, it forgets how incredibly and powerful it can be in making a difference in other people’s lives,

It forgets that even a big smile can change someone’s day,

It forgets that it is connected with all things and is part of something way larger than itself.

It forgets that it is here to play full out!

To bring all of itself out everyday to share, to do, to live, to be, to experience life with passion and vigour!!

It forgets that it is powerful beyond measure in what it can create,

It forgets that directed thought brings calmer emotions and creations everyday.

It forgets that it creates its own reality by what it’s choosing to focus on.

It forgets that life can be truly magical when living from this place.

It forgets that all that is real, is love.

It forgets that at this moment it is safe and ok.

It forgets at this moment that it has the power to choose.

If you find you are holding yourself back,

You feel stressed and tired,

And your body is showing you signs of tension and exhaustion.

You are tired of not getting the results even though you’re working your butt off,

Then it’s time to re-evaluate.

It’s time to take yourself from your head, back into your heart, back into the flow, back into ease, and back into getting amazing results in your health and your work.

Alignment is what matters most.

Time is ticking gorgeous,

Don’t waste anymore….

Remember, it’s the little moments that count the most

And how you feel, impacts your kids & your health more than you know….

It’s time for you,

It’s time for your family.

What do you really want?

Why do you want it?

What’s most important to you that you are not listening to?

What would be the positive outcome of embracing more of what you really want in your life?

How would that create more flow and energy in your life?

With love and blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

P.S. If you have been working so hard and you feel so exhausted and it feels that you are just not getting the results that you feel you should be, for the effort you are putting in, then it will be your limiting beliefs that are getting in the way.

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