Are you constantly tired?

Are you constantly feeling tired, regardless of how much sleep you get?

Do you feel like you need to be in control of things before you can feel ok? 

If the house is out of order, it’s hard to think clearly.

If there’s too much noise or too much going on around you, it’s hard to stay in your normal routine or get things done? 

When people change plans at the last minute it drives you crazy? 


All of the above is how we often seek control, to feel ok in our world. 

Anything that we are attempting to control, actually is CONTROLLING US….. 

Just read that again! 😉


Because it means, if that thing, if that circumstance if that person is not how we need them to be, it will unravel us emotionally….

This is huge, and it’s actually where we give so much of our power away and can end up feeling powerless and a victim in the world. 

When you master the art of alignment and surrender, it literally means, nothing bothers you again. 

It’s not to say that you won’t have moments when you really want to control a situation or circumstance or person, but knowing exactly the key things to do to move you back into a place of being ok, no matter what is the art of surrender and alignment and is also absolute emotional mastery. 

This gives you the gift of taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life. 

This absolutely EMPOWERS you to create more of what you DESIRE most, with EASE, FLOW and JOY and detachment to NEEDING the outcome, in order to be ok emotionally. 

This gives you full FREEDOM to feel amazing everyday.

And THIS is what will also support you to have full Health, Wellbeing and more JOY in your life. 

When we are trying to CONTROL everything in our world, it creates incredible fear, tension, and stress in the physical body. This keeps us STUCK in fight/flight adrenal response and is a huge reason why so many people burn out. 

To find out more about the Art of Surrender, click the button below to watch this short video I’ve created for you this morning.

Watch it here!

To overcome these deeply entrenched patterns of attempting to CONTROL everything, (which comes from unhealed and unprocessed trauma of when we didn’t feel safe or a sense of approval for who we were in life)

And to Overcome Burnout, fatigue and exhaustion

And to Reclaim your Health, 

Your Joy and your Energy and Passion for life again, 

Click the button below to book your call to find out exactly what’s keeping you STUCK in these PATTERNS and perpetuating FATIGUE and EXHAUSTION and get the EXACT PLAN that you need in order to heal your body, mind, and soul, so you can get back to THRIVING AGAIN!

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Oceans of love, 

Sal x

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