Are you constantly trying to fix yourself?


I notice myself occasionally dipping into this energy, and to be honest, it’s quite a toxic one for the heart and soul.

I do my best to be aware of it and pick up on it and reframe it as soon as I’m aware, but when it’s unconsciously running in the background, it really can produce a lot of “not enough” feelings.

This is also why my keyword for 2022 is Self-Acceptance. 

It’s dropping into a deeper love, a deeper spaciousness for wherever I happen to be in the moment. 


Self-acceptance of how I feel.

Self-acceptance of my energy levels with my cycle fluctuations.

Self-acceptance of how much I’ve got done in a day.

Self-acceptance of how much I’ve got to give in a day.

Self-acceptance of where I’m currently at in all of my life areas. 


Self-acceptance is such a beautiful, nurturing, and calming energy. 

It brings deep peace to my heart.

It brings a massive smile to my face. 

It brings a warmth that fills my belly and my body.


It feels luxurious and likes a deep surrender to the moment.

It feels like I am wrapped in an angel’s wings. 


There is no more fixing needed. 

I am not broken and do not need fixing.

Neither are you Gorgeous….. 


We can all be sent messages unknowingly from our parents about the things that are apparently “wrong” with us. 

These are all the parts that they also judged about themselves and for which they were more than likely judged as a child as well.


This is why Self-Acceptance is so powerful. 

It breaks the lineage trauma from continuing.

It will bring you to a deeper more compassionate place within yourself. 

It will free you up to actually start to create what you want for yourself, 

Knowing you are ALREADY ENOUGH.


This is an entirely different energy to create and build upon. 

It is expansive, 

It is joyous, 

It is curious with excited anticipation,

It is so fun to create and experience life from this place of deep self-acceptance, 

Knowing there’s nothing to prove, 

Just a whole lot of life to be lived and experienced.


What are you excited to create in 2022?

What are you super passionate about?

What would you love to experience more of in 2022? 


With Love and Blessings,

Sal x



If creating greater WEALTH and FREEDOM is what you’re excited to create in 2022, then 

NOW is the time to set your VISION for this YEAR!

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Creating a digital asset that cannot be taken away from you, that you can build and work on from anywhere in the world even if you are confined to your home and where your earning potential is UNCAPPED. 


Creating an income where you get paid for life, that you can pass down to your children.


Stepping into your leadership and helping so many other women rise and acknowledge, know, and trust in their inherent value and worth and to shine their light brightly.

This is what excites me the most for my own vision for 2022. 


Are you going to join me? 

Let’s do this together and create an incredible and powerful 2022, where it became the year that changed your life completely!!


If you’d love access to the FREE VISION 2022 training on the 18th and 19th of January at 12pm Sydney time to get clear on your vision, to know exactly where you are heading and what you are creating in 2022, and to find out more about how you can create online LEGACY and AUTOMATED wealth and FREE yourself from the system, then email me at with the word VISION!


Sal x

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