Are you exhausted from the struggle?

The art of surrendering…..

I’ve been reading Michael Singer’s brilliant book The Surrender Experiment recently.

Wow! I highly recommend it, such a powerful read, in how to let go and let life take you on the most incredible journey. 

When I first heard about the concept of surrender, I felt stuck, kind of like it was almost giving up.

Holding up the white flag, and basically quitting.

What I understand so much more deeply now, after practicing this for years, is it’s a letting go of resistance.

It’s letting go of the need to try to control everything and everyone, which let’s face it, get’s pretty exhausting and is actually quite impossible. 

When we are scared, afraid, or face uncertainty of any type, our ego-mind, always wants to grab onto control. It wants to get control back so that it knows that it is safe. 

However, this leads to a lot of unhappiness in my own experience. 

Have you ever felt powerless to attempt to control someone else? 

Yep me too….. 

It never works. Certainly not long-term on any level. 

And it definitely never leads to a happy relationship, even if we or the other person conforms for a bit.

Surrender is an act of handing over your fears, worries, and stresses to God, the universe, soul, spirit whatever you want to call it. 

It’s letting be, whatever will be. 

It’s coming to a place of acceptance instead of resisting and pushing against it.

From this place, we step back into our power of the creator. 

From a place of truly surrendering we step into a greater place of faith, trust in the power of alignment. 

Trusting in the greater good.

Trusting that life has our back.

Trusting that things are always working out for me, even if I can’t see how right now.

Trusting that I will learn and grow from this experience and my soul will evolve from this.

Trusting that all is ok and that there is a purpose and a reason for it all. 


The hardest thing with our ego-mind is that it has such a limited perspective. 

My hardest experiences in life, have truly been my greatest gifts. 

There is no way that I could have become who I am today, without those experiences. 

Every experience in life is serving us.

This is the act of surrendering.

For me, it’s the difference between swimming upstream, efforting, struggling and feeling so scared that I’ll never make it, and feeling that no matter how hard I swim, I hardly feel that I’m getting anywhere.

Surrender feels like letting go and floating downstream.

It always feels like a relief.

It always feels expansive and relaxing.

It always brings me fully back to my heart, 

Trusting at the moment and having faith in my future. 


Have you been gripping on too tightly lately?

Have you been white-knuckling it?

Surrendering to the magic and the power of the universe is such a gift.

Together with the power of emotional alignment through finding all that you can to feel grateful and blessed about is the most powerful thing you can do for your own life.

Stepping into your imagination and energy of curiosity.

What if things were truly working in your favour right now?
What if things were lining up for you, in a way that you just can’t see right now? 

Life is an incredible miracle. 

I invite you to let go of your fears, to let go of your stress, 

Just for this moment.

Feel the relief, of handing it over to the universe, asking it to take care of it for you,

And give thanks that it has been done.

Feel the joy of just being in the moment right now.

Feel the relaxation of knowing that it is taken care of and trust that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Feel the gift of trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly for you right now.


You are powerful beyond measure.

You are not alone.

When you align with the inner power of your higher self, 

Life gets so much easier.

Your energy will soar.

You will feel unstoppable, 

You will know exactly what you need to know,

You will know exactly what you need to do.


Step into the calmness, 

Step into the joy.

It is here, waiting for you.

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways


Sal xox


Surrendering in each moment to the flow of life does take courage. 

Yet it is the most powerful thing that you can do for yourself.

Let your heart and soul guide you.

Let your heart and mind be open to hearing. 

This power is yours.

Becoming a master of your emotions gets you back to Thriving. 

Creating true magic in your life. 

If you are done with swimming upstream and feeling constantly exhausted by your fears, worries and stresses.

If you are done with feeling burnt out, and that everything is so exhausting and nothing is working, it’s time to come back to flow.

Book your FREE call with me here, to know exactly the next steps to surrender, alignment and creating magic in your life.

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