Are you exhausted?

“Your life is not about what your body is doing. Yet it is true that what your body is doing is a reflection of what your life is about.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

If you are burnt out, exhausted, and tired chances are that you may have dropped into proving energy, believing that your life is about doing everything to make everyone else happy. (And totally negating your own needs in the process.)

When we believe that we have to, we need to or we must, then our life has become a reflection of needing to prove our worth or our value through over-giving.

Not listening to your body, or taking over-responsibility for others and continuing to put your own needs last is so detrimental to your own health and happiness. 

I promise the body will eventually say no. 

When we continue to ignore the subtle “feathers” that our body is in dictating to us, such as fatigue, body soreness, aches, and pains, our body will give us a “brick” to deal with…. 

This is something a little more substantial such as chronic ongoing pain, it could be a broken foot or limb, or back pain (an indicator of not supporting yourself, or not allowing yourself to be supported).

Hip pain (an indicator of not feeling stable either inwardly with yourself, or outwardly in your world) shoulder pain (an indicator of taking on too much responsibility), or varying other illnesses, or diseases.

The autoimmune disease comes from a pattern of self-rejection and continuing to attack ourself with our own words and thoughts about ourself. 

Our body is the most incredible messenger. 

If we don’t take time to tune in. We end up with a “mack truck” experience. 

This is something more like a cancer diagnosis, or something so shocking, that it literally slaps you in the face that you absolutely need to change your life circumstances and no longer continue down the current trajectory you are on. 

Please don’t allow yourself to get to this space. 

Your body is constantly sending you messages.

First, it is through your emotional state. 

Irritation and frustration, then anger and resentment are often the first clues that we are pushing ourself, or saying yes when we really need to be saying no. 

A lot of the beautiful women I work with end up in a double bind situation, which also massively impacts the body. 

This takes them into feeling anger or resentment for saying yes, or guilt and shame for saying no. 

It’s a lose/lose situation and ends up creating a lot of stress on the physical body and if this has been playing out for years, absolutely creates burnout and massive exhaustion. Not to mention chronic illness. 

Your health, wellness, and your happiness come from who you are BEING, not what you are doing. 

If you are being/feeling resentful, angry, guilty, or feeling ashamed, then these lower energy emotions will massively impact your health. Because they cause patterns of stress and dis-ease in the body. 

If you are being/feeling happy, peaceful, joyous, appreciative then your body’s health will naturally improve and you will be able to fully express who you are from a place of joy and happiness. 

You cannot continue to give from an empty bucket. 

Exhaustion and fatigue is clear sign your bucket is empty. Anger and resentment are your protectors and guardians showing up, to protect your body, from you draining it completely. 

They are letting you know that something is off, that something is not ok. 

It’s time to listen to those signs. 

It’s time to pay attention. 

You are not a bad, or horrible person if you feel angry.

It is your body’s way of communicating to you, your own boundaries that you are continuing to violate. 

Knowing how to set yourself free, from these beliefs and damaging ways of being is the key to healing your body and reclaiming your health and your energy. 

When you do this, life gets simpler.

When you do this, life feels more fun again.

When you do this, you align yourself with the law of attraction and magnetising yourself to your greatest desires.

When you do this, you will feel whole, complete, and very, very loved. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 

Sal xox


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