Are you feeling blocked and stuck? This could be why…

This morning I experienced the Freeze response in my nervous system and it’s something that I believe is so important to share and talk about to understand, because it is possible to still function at a high level in a freeze response and not know what’s actually going on in your nervous system.

The freeze response can be caused through feeling shame, and also can cause feelings of shame when we experience the freeze response.

I often describe it like trying to walk through a boggy marsh with concrete boots on your feet. It can feel that you are moving in slow motion and everything feels so hard and difficult to do, even everyday simple tasks that you would normally handle easily.

For me personally and after working with thousands of people over the years, I’ve noticed this seems to be a universal experience is that when we go into the freeze response, we can experience the following things…..

  1. Shutdown and withdrawal
  2. Immense feeling of wanting to hide from the world or not be seen
  3. Sullen or quiet and find it hard to speak or communicate effectively
  4. Feeling worthless, inadequate or a deep sense of shame for who you are
  5. Feeling that you are not enough
  6. Feeling numb, robotic and disassociated from your body
  7. Feeling very low energy and very low emotional state
  8. Feeling blocked, stuck or paralysed
  9. Finding it difficult to think clearly or to do everyday tasks easily
  10. Feeling rigid and blocked in your body
  11. Feeling easily overwhelmed and a sense of dread and or anxiety
  12. Feeling extremely resistant to doing anything

The freeze response is like the brake for the body, the fight/flight response is like the accelerator and it’s possible for both of these to be jammed on at the same time, when we don’t feel safe in our body.

And as we know, if we put the brake and accelerator on in the car at the same time, it creates a burnout. This is literally what’s happening in the body.

And even harder still, we can still function at a relatively high level in both of these states, so combined with denial and dissociation as coping mechanisms, we can often miss the subtle signs and symptoms of what’s really going on, until we are in the thick of burnout and feeling that we have lost so much capacity to function.

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Sal x

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