Are you feeling it too?

Are you feeling it too?

This week, I’ve felt super emotional.

Big, big emotions surfaced, from what felt like “out of the blue”.
Thank goodness for soul sisters!

My bestie mentioned to me yesterday that the new moon was in Cancer, so we are getting a double whammy with big emotions surfacing, bringing up old hurts and trauma’s to be processed.

I’ve needed to have deep compassion for myself and actually slow myself down when my old tendencies have been to push through, or to quickly “do the inner work” to feel better and keep going with everything.

I intuitively knew I needed space.
I knew I needed time for myself,

I knew I just needed to be in the depths of the emotion that was presenting and moving through my body at the time.
There were no conscious thoughts driving it.

I felt that old grief, from when my Mum passed away 13 years ago, was coming up to be processed.

There’s been a lot in the past couple of months that have evoked these deep feelings, with my Grandma passing in June (She was my Mum’s Mum) and then my Mums anniversary (a few days after Mother’s Day), realizing I was now my families Matriarch and becoming a Nanni for my beautiful little Grandson Noah and knowing my Mum wouldn’t ever get to physically hold him in her arms. (I know she’s with us in spirit though.)

And within that time, I hadn’t had a lot of time to really sit with and be with myself and process my feelings.

I know for sure, after working with thousands of people over the years, and also my own experiences that our body will store emotions/traumas/experiences in our nervous system until we have the mental, emotional, and physical space and time to heal them.

If we are constantly in fight/flight or go, go, go mode, our body does not feel safe enough and we haven’t got the capacity to “be with” these big emotions and let them process through our body.

Yet until we do, we may be unconsciously driven by them, through all sorts of avoidance behaviours, such as overworking, over-giving, overspending, over-eating, drinking, gambling, or being overly focused on others.

And sometimes, other triggers may present that gives us an opportunity to heal at a deeper level, just like my Grandmother’s passing evoked the deep unprocessed grief left in my system.

Giving ourselves time and space, especially when we intuitively really feel that we need it, is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves.

Otherwise, eventually, we end up manifesting illness in the body, with our nervous system being in such a state of dysregulation for such a long time.

So today I’m celebrating truly slowing down this week, I coloured in, in the sunshine for over an hour on Tuesday, I spent the morning at the beach yesterday, and Friday I’ve scheduled more time out for myself.

And I’m already feeling amazing again just from two days of creating more space and taking the pressure off myself to do so much.

If you are moving through big emotions, or just feeling that you need to create space for yourself, I get it, sometimes it can feel tricky to do so, especially if you have young kids or lots of other commitments.

Even doing smaller things, such as getting some home-made meals delivered to you, or cooking extra one night, to give you a night off, saying no when you need to, setting healthy boundaries, yes even with your kids (obviously depending on their age) and taking even 5 mins to just sit and be and enjoy a cuppa with the sun on your face can make a huge difference.

Giving ourselves the space to completely just be, without needing to be, or do anything for anyone else, often can be so restorative and it’s easier to drop any Mum guilt associated with that, when you know in your heart, you will be a better version of yourself for doing so.

What’s one thing you could do for yourself today?

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you’ve been feeling burnt out and exhausted, you are on the hamster wheel constantly pushing and striving and feel like if you stop, the whole world is going to come crashing down on you, I get it.
I used to feel the same.

It can feel so scary to actually stop and feel our feelings.

And if we don’t, create space to slow down for ourselves, our body will eventually say no for us. Either through burnout or manifesting another dis-ease or major issue to wake us up and help us take back control of our life and well-being.

There are 5 things that pre-disposes women to burnout.

• Being super sensitive to other’s energies and caring deeply

• Learning through their childhood experiences that they are responsible for others and generally were the emotional or even physical caretakers for their family members at a young age

• Feeling guilty for stopping or resting or taking time out for themselves, or putting their own needs first

• Don’t want to let others down or disappoint others (people-pleasing tendencies)

• Have tied their own sense of value and self-worth to helping others, and or their productivity/achieving. If that’s you, it’s so important to have the tools and skills to overcome these belief systems, to unravel the layers underneath that are keeping you in fight/flight and constantly pushing and striving.

• To learn how to set healthy boundaries

• To understand exactly what you need to do to heal your burnout

• To return back to a sense of joy, creativity, and fun in your life

• And to let go of feeling overly responsible for everyone and everything in your life (it’s a huge burden to carry.)

You can do all that and more by getting access to my 28-Day Mini Thrive Program today, by clicking the button below!

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With love, Sal x

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