Are you feeling pushed to your limits?


Are you a beautiful Mumma who is struggling at this time of the year and feeling so pushed to your limits? 

If so, this letter is for you. X


Dear Mummy, 

I love you, I know you are doing your best and I know you have a lot on. 

You are so hard on yourself Mummy, always trying to get it right, 

Always trying to make everyone happy and I know you take it personally when we aren’t happy.


I know that you feel like it’s your fault, that you’ve done something wrong,

But I’m here to let you know you haven’t…..


I’m a highly sensitive child, 

Big emotions and feelings overwhelm me easily, 

Sometimes I don’t know how to cope with them and especially when you are ignoring your own feelings and pushing them down, to try to get through your day, 

I feel it all in my body, 

And I don’t know what to do with that. 


So sometimes it comes out in ways that seem like a temper tantrum to you, 

Sometimes I know I seem irrational and too emotional for you and that frustrates you. 


Sometimes I have such big emotions inside of me from all that I’m feeling and the depth that I’m feeling it, that I can’t even explain what’s going on inside of me. 

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with feeling so over-stimulated with the day, 

The noisy traffic, the rushing, all the activities and everyone’s feelings around me. 


It’s a lot for my little body to cope with and my mind can’t process it all, 

That’s why it gets expressed the way it does. 

It’s why I suddenly seem to burst into tears, with no rhyme or reason,

It’s why I can’t tolerate scratchy tags against my skin and why I might scream or yell until those clothes get taken off. 


It’s why I don’t want to wear the shoes, they make my skin crawl with irritation, 

It’s why I hate the seat belt around my stomach so tight, 

It’s why I hate the tight fitting clothes, it makes me feel sick.


It’s why when you are stressed and rushing and just want me to get ready quickly I find it so hard to focus, because my system is on alert, 

It’s why I shut off, shut down and withdraw, because every time you get upset and frustrated with me, I feel it deeper and deeper inside of me and I blame myself and hate myself for feeling this way.


I feel more and more unsafe to be me, in the world. 

Mummy I know you don’t mean to make me feel scared, 

I know you don’t mean to hurt me in anyway, 

I know you don’t mean to get so angry and frustrated. 

I know you love me Mummy. 

I know you are doing your absolute best, to try to get everything done in your day.


And so am I.


Please stop and breathe with me, 

Please stop and slow down and help me to tell you what’s overwhelming my system. 

Please take time out for you, so you feel calmer.

Please ask for help and support from others around you, so you don’t feel all alone and that it’s all your responsibility. 


Please hold me close and pull me in tight to your heart. 

Please help me to understand my big emotions, by allowing yourself to feel yours.


Please know that I don’t “misbehave” on purpose, 

It’s me trying to tell you I’m not coping with something. 

Please know I need some help at that moment to learn how to regulate my sensitive system. 

Please know I find it a bit harder to be out in the world, than most people. 

Please know I find solace in peace, in quiet and in calmness. 

Please know my big heart and big feelings are here to help make a difference in the world. 


Please help me embrace and accept my sensitivity.

That would make a big difference to my world,


I love you Mummy

Thank you for all that you do. 

You are my world. 


Love your sensitive child xxx



Self-Love is the most powerful gift that you can ever give to yourself and your child. 

As a parent it changed my world and changed my relationship in such a positive way with my children. 


Everything you judge yourself for and dislike about yourself, will unconsciously get projected onto your child. 


Healing your relationship with yourself, will heal your relationship with your child. 


My 4 week Self-Love Course is about learning and integrating tools, skills and strategies that will improve every area of your life, but most importantly how you feel about you and therefore how you interact with others in your relationships. 


In the 4 Weeks of the Self-Love Course, we will be covering:



The course will be delivered in an online format, with a daily training video and journaling prompts 5 days per week, over the 4 weeks, with a Q & A Zoom session at the end to make sure all of your questions are answered. 


You’ll have online access to me during the course to ask any questions that you have as well. 

This course will be $497 normally, however for a limited time and for an extra Chrissy present it will be $197 upfront payment or 5 x $49 Weekly payments. 


Email me at to claim your spot now, places are limited. xxx


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