Are you feeling stuck?

Are you feeling stuck?

Are you holding back on your greatest dreams, your greatest visions?

What’s the next level for you?

Or are you hiding out in your safety and comfort zone, thinking this is not so bad after all?

When we have hit a certain level in our life, where there is not the desperate push to get out of pain, we can tend to just settle into a bit of a lull but over time, this can end up feeling a bit like a rut.
It can feel like we are doing the same thing over and over again.

Without growth, we won’t feel like we are progressing.

Or worse still, we will feel like our best days are behind us, and that it’s all downhill from here!

One of the people that inspire me most in life is Louise Hay. Even though she has now passed, she created a total revolution in the self-development metaphysical field.

Starting her own Publishing company at the age of 61, a time when most people are looking to wind down, she was just getting warmed up. 

Or the gorgeous Ernstein Shepherd who didn’t start her physical training until the age of 56, still running her own gym at age 84 and inspiring people half her age. She was the oldest lady to compete in a physique bodybuilding competition at age 83 and honestly, she looked amazing.

I hear so many people in their 40’s say, oh I’m getting old now, I can’t do as much as I used to, or I’m just not as fit as I used to be. 

This is all a matter of perception. Yes, long-term choices have consequences that all add up for sure. 

And of course, that truly does start to impact us. 

However, it’s really our thoughts that ultimately will be the key to what always holds us back.

I’m always looking to get super clear and super honest with myself, because I know how easy it is to dismiss things in my own mind, tell myself little lies, hold myself back with unconscious unlimited thoughts.

And I’m ready to break through again. 

This last month has been huge for me, so much living into my dreams, so much travel with Tathra Beach, Bathurst, Uluru and now Byron Bay running my first women’s empowerment retreat.

Dreams that I’ve had bubbling away in my system for years. 

It’s been super emotional for me on so many levels. Of course, it’s important to stop to breathe, to take it all in, to celebrate the progress and yet I still recognise the areas, where I hold myself back. 

I don’t know about you, but I am so passionate about drinking all of life in.

I’m so passionate about embracing all of my biggest dreams and really going for it.

I have so many fears too, I’m so totally human. 

I feel blocked, I feel stuck and I totally doubt myself at times.

Even this morning, heading into running my retreat, all of my normal ego fears and resistance has come up again.

And I do what I always do.

Recognise the resistance, hear and listen to my ego fears and embrace and love that part of myself, that totally wants to protect itself.

In doing so, it brings me back to my heart. 

It opens me up and cracks me open and sometimes the tears flow like they have today.

A wonderful combination of releasing the fear and the resistance about living my life fully and a complete and overwhelming feeling of gratitude and the blessed nature of life, that continually brings us what we focus on and what we take aligned action towards. 

I feel so blessed and grateful to be on this journey.

Sometimes I feel so stretched by life, by my own growth, that I do just want to hide, I want to pull back, I want to be the hermit. 

But life will continually help us to stretch, and when we embrace those opportunities when we know it’s a wholehearted yes, life will greet us and meet us and help us along the way.

It’s about saying a whole-hearted yes to your dreams, even though you have doubts, even though you have fears, even though you don’t know how. 

Life will continue to lay out the path for you, one step at a time. 

All you need to be willing to do is have the courage to take the first step. 

Sometimes it’s the tiniest of things, with a brief moment of courage that creates the largest momentum towards embracing your dreams and living your life to the fullest. 


For me this retreat, came about in a split second of inspiration at 11 pm at night, (rare for me to even be up at this time) of finding the most amazing accommodation online and booking it with Free Cancellation!!

The rest just flowed. It poured out of me, divinely inspired, knowing full well, that when I have those flashes of inspiration and it feels right, to take immediate action. Just the tiniest of steps start the whole process.

What is one thing you would love to move towards or create in your life?

What is one tiny simple step that you could take today to embrace that dream and start to bring it into reality?

It’s time for you gorgeous,

Time will not wait.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


Sometimes the biggest things that can hold us back are our own fears and the resistance we feel to the life we are currently living, or even in response to our dreams. This is literally like putting the brake and accelerator on at the same time and it literally creates burnout and total exhaustion in the physical body. The more you are in resistance, the harder it is to move forward. The resistance comes from your fear, from your stress, from feeling that you may fail or you aren’t good enough or deserving enough. 

All of this creates greater and greater exhaustion to the point, where it is so difficult to create a life you love because you feel so depleted. You may sometimes feel “motivated and push” yourself to do something, only to fall off the bandwagon a few days or weeks later, because it’s coming from unsustainable energy. When this happens it completely erodes your self-belief and your self-confidence and can continue being depleted every single time this happens. 

Knowing how to confidently step back into your power, align yourself, supercharge your energy and your physical wellbeing in a way that is incredible, is absolutely the pathway forward, not only to feeling great, with lots of physical energy and experiencing greater happiness but also to move you forward to your dreams.

If you know you’ve been trying to push yourself, but just feel tired and exhausted. Be sure to check out my 5 Powerful Steps to Eliminate Exhaustion and Burnout and Super Charge your life. 

You can watch it by clicking the button below. 

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