Are you Fully Using your Feminine Power?

One of the biggest things that helped me to overcome burnout and reclaim my health and energy was reconnecting with my feminine energy.

I’d realised that I had become so focused on “doing” that I had forgotten all about “being”.

I’d become so serious in trying to get everything done, all the boxes ticked, that I had lost the joy for life.

I had been so focused on just getting through the day and at times “white knuckling” it, especially as a Single Mum, that I had forgotten about laughing and enjoying life.

And I was so focused on “doing all the right things” in my business to make sure that I was financially succeeding and making sure my family was going to be ok, as I was the sole income provider that I had gotten so in my head, and started to lose my heart connection, not only with my business but also with myself….

Our feminine essence is so vital for long lasting health, joy and happiness.

It is our feminine essence that connects us to the joy of living, the meaning of life and our greater purpose, and also the laughter, the fun, the playfulness, the appreciation and if we go on “doing” for too long, without connecting from our feminine well of divine energy, we start to burnout.

Tenseness in the body is one of the biggest ways of knowing this.

Feeling unable to relax.

Feeling that we have got too much to do and feeling overly-responsible as well as exhausted, but can’t stop are also huge indicators.

Operating from your feminine flow is literally putting emotional “fuel” in your body everyday.

Without it, we don’t get very far, and if we do, it comes from “pushing”…..

I’ve learnt a brand new system, that has been life changing for me.

A system that creates greater automation, leverage and creating wealth from multiple streams of income.

A system that will support my family with legacy income.

A system that feels AHHHHMAZING, to dive deep into and I’m excited to be able to share it with you!

It comes from deep flow, deep alignment with your feminine essence and creative energy.

It comes from knowing what the daily rituals are, that drop you into this flow and expansion and connect you with your most magical, divine and creator feminine essence.

We are POWERFUL beyond MEASURE!!!

Our bodies CREATE new LIFE!!!

We are MIRACLE makers!!!

Creating WEALTH from this amazing place of flow, supports your HEALTH, supports your RELATIONSHIP and supports your WELLBEING and JOY in life!

If you’d love to find out more about the DAILY RITUALS that EPIC 6 & 7 FIGURE female entrepreneurs use daily to get them into flow, magnetise themselves to greater wealth and are able to GIVE MORE from this amazing OVERFLOW, I have an AMAZING FREE training that for a VERY LIMITED time I can give you ACCESS to.

If you are ready to step into greater FEMININE FLOW and ATTRACT more ABUNDANCE, HEALTH, WEALTH AND JOY into your life, then PM or COMMENT “FLOW” below to find out how you can get access to this ESSENTIAL TRAINING TOMORROW!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

P.S. Watch today’s live video by clicking the button below. I talk about this more in depth and how it impacts exhaustion and burnout, especially if you’ve felt uncertain and that you need to get control back in these crazy times we are experiencing!

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And if you know you are super exhausted no matter how much sleep you are getting, click this link to book a FREE initial chat with me, to find out exactly what’s blocking you from healing your body and reclaiming your energy. Xx

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