Are you getting in your own way?




It gets in the way for all of us at times.

It can truly be so paralysing, 


When we know we want something different, 

When we absolutely desire something different, 

When we know we cannot continue on living the same way, 

When we know we are living on the hamster wheel, 

And need to find a way to get off it….. 


Have you ever felt like that?

It can be endlessly frustrating when we continue to get in the way of ourself.

When we let our fear stop us, from stepping in and creating the change that we truly need to, in order to create, have, do and be what we want in our life. 


I see it again and again and honestly, it breaks my heart….

Women who connect with me, who want the change, know they need the change, yet when it comes to actually make the decision, their courage falters.

They let their fear take over, what they KNOW in their HEART and SOUL, will be life-changing for them. 

They minimise the pain and disappointment in their own mind, by telling themselves ONE day, or in a month or so, or when they get their finances in better order, or when they have all their ducks in a row…… 

Yet they are lying to themselves…. 

Because they never end up coming back to truly make the DECISION, they KNEW in their HEART would CHANGE their LIFE.


And I get it, I’ve done that too…. 

And it’s cost me dearly…. 


It’s cost me time…. 

It’s cost me financially…

It cost me physically…

It’s cost me emotionally…

It’s cost me spiritually…

And it’s kept me stuck….

Right, where I didn’t want to be….


Living in the stress and fear of it all…..


The TRUE changes, the exponential growth that has happened in my own life, has come from when I’ve dug deep and amongst the fear talking, I embraced my COURAGE and CHOSE to listen to my HEART.

I focused with intensity on what I wanted to CREATE, more than listening to the internal fears of my ego survival mind. 

And that fear can get even worse in BURNOUT, because the EGO mind is so active, trying to keep you protected and SAFE, even if it keeps you STUCK in a perpetual state of stress, lack, and fear….. 

Your EGO Survival MIND is FEAR BASED…… 

It’s hyper focused on everything that could or might go wrong.

It is desperate for certainty (which many times can be mistaken for the FAMILIAR – even if that’s continually hurting you.) 

The FEAR of the UNKNOWN is what keeps so many PEOPLE trapped in the same, same for years, 

IF YOU DON’T LEARN HOW TO OVERCOME YOURSELF….. (aka your ego survival mind/Fear…)

You will end up living this your whole life….. 

Let that sink in for a moment…. 


Nobody is coming to save you gorgeous.

You have to be your own HERO.


What is it truly costing you, by not embracing your COURAGE? 

What have you not done, created, or experienced because you let your FEAR get in the way?


GORGEOUS, I’m calling YOU forward!

I’m CALLING YOU to step into your POWER, your COURAGE, and your EXPANSION.

To be the YOU, that you know DEEP in your HEART that you were born to BE.

To STEP into your knowingness, 

To let the FEARS, drop away, as you POWERFULLY step FORWARD into your TRUE CALLING. 


I know you want MORE.

I know that you know deep in your heart you were born for MORE. 

To not play small.

To no longer hideout.

To not hide your light.


The times when I’ve taken a MASSIVE LEAP of faith and trusted the COURAGE of my HEART’s guidance, are the times that have truly paid off for me. 

Where I’ve invested $25000 in a single course, not knowing in that moment, if it would work or pay off. Yet it leads to me creating a 6 Figure Business…

Where I’ve quit my job and leapt into my business full time as a single Mumma, yet it gave me flexible time to be with my girls and created leveraged income to live the life we wanted to.

When I’ve stepped into pushing the button to start my online business and being terrified of the judgment of truly putting myself “out there”. Yet it leads to incredible growth, expansion, and resilience in myself.

When I’ve started running again, first 2kms, then just kept with it, to finally complete a half marathon, and 7 triathlons…..  And it led me to overcome the story that I was fat and ugly and “not good at running”.

When I embraced dating again after my marriage ended, and I was TERRIFIED of men…. Yet it led me to meet my incredible Soul mate that I am in a divine relationship with today.

When I’ve said yes to opportunities that I didn’t feel ready for, but chose to GROW into it anyway….. And it’s always led to greater expansion, growth, and feeling so damn proud of myself. 


COURAGE is your pathway to FREEDOM, 

It’s a muscle that you constantly build and work on,

It’s either growing or diminishing, by every single choice you make.


Just like at the gym.

Day by Day….

Step by Step…. 


Are you listening to the FEAR of your EGO survival mind, more than the COURAGE of your HEART’s calling? 


It’s time….. 

You’ve got this…. 

If you are ready to change your life, 

If you are ready to step into more FREEDOM, 

The Freedom of Time

The Freedom of Money

The Freedom of good Health because you’re no longer stressed and living in FEAR.



  1. Creating your GOAL
  2. What you want to CALL IN
  3. Getting the right MINDSET
  4. Having the right STRATEGY
  5. Knowing the EXACT pathway to CREATE a NEW life for yourself
  6. Building an online digital asset that will pay you and your family in the years to come and create true FREEDOM for YOU.


Stepping into FREEDOM.

Stepping into SOVEREIGNTY.




Freeing you from burnout and living in fear and stress…. 


Are you going to EMBRACE your COURAGE to finally say YES to you and your DREAMS this year? 

I can’t wait to see you in the Training next Thursday! 


With Love and Hugs,

Sal x

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