Are you ignoring the signs?


One of the biggest challenges that kept me in a perpetual state of burnout, was actually not recognising and not knowing the signs and symptoms of burnout….


I’d begun getting teary at the gym.

I found I had to motivate and “push” myself to exercise or get workouts done.

I was super wiped out after my workouts, often needing to have a 20 min nap to get through the rest of the day.

I was waking up every morning with a feeling of dread and overwhelm in the pit of my stomach.

Everyday tasks that I used to easily complete, were becoming harder and harder to accomplish. 

I’d previously been able to rally a tonne of energy behind me to get things done, I’d put my foot on the accelerator and nothing would happen. 

My days felt like I was walking around in a boggy marsh, as my body felt so slow and heavy. 

My mind was like it was literally stuffed full of cotton wool.

Trying to get clear or even “think” about what I needed to do in a day felt impossible. 

Sometimes I would just be staring off into space not knowing what to do next as I just couldn’t get my brain to work.

My chest felt like an elephant was sitting on it with constant pressure. 

I felt totally emotionally numb.

I’d began to withdraw a lot socially. 

I didn’t want to speak with anyone. 

Being present for my girls and partner was so difficult. 

My libido had become non-existent and my body continually felt over-sensitive. 

I felt angry anytime someone asked me to do something for them, as I just felt I had nothing left in me.

I hated committing to anything, as I was just so scared I wouldn’t have the energy to do it, when the time came.


These were many of the signs and symptoms I experienced, yet when I approached my GP to run some blood tests as I knew I wasn’t ok, she came back with the “standard” test results saying my body was perfectly fine and I was in good health….. 

I was not…. 

Thankfully with my Kinesiology training, I knew what was going on underneath and I knew the exact tests I needed to get to understand what was really going on in my body. 

No, I wasn’t going crazy, no I didn’t have depression or anxiety, as many women with adrenal fatigue and burnout get misdiagnosed.

My body was not perfectly healthy, it was just that, what the Doctor did test for, was all ok. 

In short, my hormones were smashed and I was well below menopausal levels for estrogen and progesterone, even though I was still getting a regular cycle and I was in my early 40’s. My testosterone was also super low, causing lots of negative inner talk, self-doubt, and total loss of confidence. 

I was in total adrenal burnout…

Super difficult to deal with especially as a business owner, and a mindset and emotional mastery coach at that.

But the blessing was, I also had every single tool that I needed to heal myself. And I’m always one to flip a negative into a positive so I got to work to test every single tool I knew of, to figure out what was most effective for me, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I got to really experiment with and figure out, with all the thousands of dollars I’d spent on courses, techniques, and strategies over the years to know what was the exact process to help women heal from adrenal burnout in the fastest and most effective way that gave them long term results…. 

It’s been amazing to watch so many Gorgeous clients literally reclaim their health and energy after just 3-4 weeks of working with me. By week 8 they are feeling so surprised at how good they feel, from when they started and by week 12, they are fully confident to continue their growth and progression and create a life they absolutely love. 

Burnout is so tough…. 

It can massively diminish our sense of self, our self-belief and our self-confidence to be able to be and do what it is that we desire most. To live a fulfilling life and to feel happy and joyous in ourself. 

To be able to be the Mum and Partner that we want to be. 

And it can be so confusing when you don’t know what is happening in your body. And the most heart-breaking thing I hear is that so many people around them, don’t get it either. 

They just think you should be able to just “pull yourself together again.” To “just get on with it.” They mean well but they just don’t understand that you literally have zero capacity and ability to do that. 

It’s so hard to explain to someone that has never experienced it before. 

In the worst of my burnout, I was barely able to function for more than 3 hours a day. 

I would save all of my energy for my calls with my clients because I needed to keep my business running… 

There are many stages of adrenal fatigue….. 

It doesn’t have to get that bad, but it can and it will if you do not listen to your body. 

If you do not pay attention to how you are feeling.

If you think it’ll be right, I’ve always been able to keep going, I’ll get through this too and continue to push. 

Eventually, the body says no. 


It is literally begging you to stop doing what you are doing. 

To stop running yourself into the ground.

To actually care about yourself enough to actually stop putting everyone else’s needs before your own. 


To find a different way. 

To heal the trauma that has kept you in the fight/flight state.

To let go of needing everyone else’s love, approval, and validation, because you are not loving yourself enough in those times. 

To let go of needing to please everyone as a source of attempting to prove your value and worthiness. 


You dear one, are already infinitely valuable and worthy.

You were born worthy. 

There is NOTHING to prove. 


If you’ve got this far into this post, this may have landed pretty hard for you and resonates deeply….

It’s time for you to make a change, to let 2022, be the year that you reclaimed yourself again!


The year that you learnt how to value, love, and respect yourself, to bring your needs to being equal to everyone else’s if not to fully step into prioritising your needs, to be the best version of you that you possibly can be.

We can’t keep giving from an empty bucket. I know you might know that logically, but it’s time to really embody this for yourself. 

I’m deeply passionate about helping more women than ever before, to overcome the cycle of burnout and free themselves from this forever this year, so for a limited time I’m offering a FREE 45 Min Breakthrough Burnout Consult call with me. 

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With Love and Hugs,
Sal x

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