Are you in a Double Bind?

Double binds….

I realized last night, I’d put myself in a double bind, where it didn’t matter what decision I made, I felt that I would lose either way….

To be honest, it was heartbreaking and I caused myself a lot of grief and feeling powerless, whilst I experienced this, feeling so torn and conflicted inside with a decision that I had been trying to make, where either way I felt that I was going to experience massive grief with either decision.

Until I remembered, that I get to create life on my own terms.

Sometimes when we can’t see an immediate solution to an issue, we can be left thinking there is only one choice, and that in itself can make us feel powerless, especially if it’s not what we truly want.

It ends up feeling, I have to pick either this or that, and when I pick this, I lose that, or when I pick that, I lose this…..

YOU get to have this AND that!

So I did what I always do when I feel blocked or stuck and I surrendered it all to a higher power.

I know that I am an infinite being, that lives in a world with infinite potentials, and in order to access the potential outcome that I would love to occur, I have to tune into that frequency and become that and feel that emotionally.

And I don’t have to know HOW it’s going to happen.

All I have to do is feel how I would FEEL if this were already resolved.

I’ve done this so many times in my life when I’ve felt stuck when I’ve not known what to do and the perfect solution always arises when I tune into a high vibrational frequency and emotion.

Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear, I KNOW in my heart that the best and highest outcome is on its way to me.

I still don’t know what it IS, or HOW it’s going to look or come to FRUITION, but I trust.

I’ve done this enough times to let go of NEEDING to know and to DECIDE to have the faith, the belief, that everything is ALWAYS working out for me, no matter how it looks in the moment.

Not only does this absolutely immediately improve the way I feel, but I’m also no longer stuck in the survival emotions of stress, fear, and powerlessness, where we can’t connect with our highest self and our intuition, let alone our creative possibilities. (Which can wreak havoc on our happiness and our well-being, not to mention cause burnout long-term.)

So I promise you, no matter where you are at, or what you are experiencing, when we surrender the need to try and figure it all out (that’s just our ego/survival mind wanting certainty) and we tap into the energy of it fully be solved for the highest good of all, we allow ourself to receive miracles.

And today, this experience has landed me fully back in my heart, back in a place where I know I am divinely guided, life is full of infinite possibilities and everything is always working out for me.

And I wish this for you too.

Sending millions of blessings your way,

From my heart to yours,

Sal x

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