Are you leading yourself?

All good leadership comes from first learning how to lead yourself….

Walking our talk….

This is especially true when it comes to our children.
Many parents want “the world” for their children.

They want them to follow their dreams, to follow their heart, to do whatever they want to,

Yet we can be holding ourselves back, not doing what we need to for ourselves, not overcoming our own fears to truly embrace, embody and live out our dream life and be all that we desire for ourselves.

It’s easy to stand on the line sideline and give someone else advice,

It’s a very different story being the one standing in the arena, confronting our biggest fears, and navigating our own journey to embrace our most authentic self and biggest dreams.

I’ve noticed the most significant triggers and frustrations for parents about their children, are still things they haven’t yet overcome in themselves, and I was no different.

I remember so clearly the day one of my girls directly called me out on being a hypocrite.

It was a powerful and clarifying moment in time!
As much as my ego hated it, I could see she was exactly right….

And from that moment on, I did my very best to be more within my own integrity on all levels.

We can become overly focused on desperately wanting our kids to be ok, or to take care of an area of their own life, out of our own unconscious desires of actually what we most want for ourselves.

It places undue pressure on our kids, and again, if we’ve not yet conquered that mountain for ourselves it can be pretty hypocritical to be thinking they should be better at dealing with this issue.

A few examples of this, might be, having big emotions come up, emotional eating, or even spending money or not being good with money…..

I’ve had to do a lot of work on myself, especially with the first two.

When we’ve healed these things within ourselves, then we will no longer be as reactive or controlling with our children.

It is much easier to be compassionate and understanding with them when we’ve walked the same journey, and done the inner work.

This is also the same when it comes to following our dreams and creating a life we love.

It takes tremendous courage to step out of conforming to societal norms,
It takes tremendous courage to find our voice to speak up and be our own advocate,

It takes tremendous courage to express our fullest most authentic selves,
It takes tremendous courage to take the leap and start your own business, write a book, or quit a job you hate, so you can truly do what you love.

It takes tremendous courage and faith, to follow our own hearts and intuition and do what’s right for ourselves.

And that’s why leaders go first.

We need to lead ourselves fully,
To become more self-aware,
To notice and heal our own blind spots and fears,
To embrace our own courage and faith,

Then it’s so much easier to lead and guide our children from a deep place of embodiment, congruence, and genuine leadership and I promise they will respect you a whole bunch more for it.

(And possibly even take on board some of that guidance!) 😉

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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