Are you listening to your heart?

What is your heart calling you to?


You are always guided and so incredibly loved…. 

Our heart, our soul whispers quietly, 

It will never yell at you.

It will never scream at you or tell you that you should or shouldn’t be doing something….

That is your fear talking…. 


Your heart, your soul will be a quiet prompting,

It is wise,

It is calm,

It is clear,

And it is often repetitive, especially when we are choosing to ignore it, or are too busy to check in with ourself to acknowledge it.


It is the quiet whisper that is there when you go to sleep.

It’s the quiet whisper in those moments of stillness,

Or when you watch the sunrise or sunset, 

Or notice the beautiful rainbow, 

Or feel the warm sun on your face.


It is calling you in the flight of the morning birds, 

It is whispering to you in the starry night skys…. 

Your soul,

Your heart, 

Is always with you.

It never leaves you.

You can never be disconnected from it.


But you can drown it out with the voice of the ego and voice of fear. 

Those voices will always be loud and obnoxious or anxious. Bossy and controlling.

Telling you what you “should or shouldn’t be doing.”


Creating space in your life, 

To tune into your inner wisdom is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give yourself. 


We all have our own unique blueprint.

We all have our own unique and vital role to play.

We all have our own hearts desires, that we were literally born to create and live. 


Are you tuning in?

Are you allowing yourself space and time to connect with you and your inner wisdom?

Are you listening to your internal prompts and wishes of what your heart is calling to you? 


If not, 

It’s time.

It’s time to connect to you again. 

We can end up so off the path, if we are not listening, 

Overworking, eating, drinking, smoking, gambling, shopping in an effort to avoid the continual pain of not living our truth. 

Taking years and years of absorbing others ideals and trying to be what those around you expect and want you to be.

Or you can draw a line in the sand in this moment.


You can start to create space and time to really tune in.

To listen to your heart and soul’s guidance. 

To know deeply within what your next step is and to follow through with this. 


This is what will light your heart up the most,

It will restore your energy,

Your Faith,

Your Belief 

And your joy!

Not to mention your health, your wellbeing, and align you with relationships that truly serve your highest self and support you to create a life that you love. 

If you are ready to step into that, then PM me for more details on my new Self-Love Course.

We kick off on the 3rd of January. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 

P.S. In the 4 Weeks of the Self-Love Course, we will be covering:

The course will be delivered in an online format, with a daily training video and journaling prompts 5 days per week, over the 4 weeks, with a Q & A Zoom session at the end to make sure all of your questions are answered. 

You’ll have online access to me during the course to ask any questions that you have as well. 

This course will be $497 normally, however for a limited time and for an extra Chrissy present it will be $197 upfront payment or 5 x $49 Weekly payments. 

Can’t wait to see you in there, email me at to claim your spot now. xxx
Click here to join!

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