Are you listening to you?

Just for this moment, as you are reading this,



Look up and around at your surroundings…..

Notice what is around you,

Notice what you can hear.

Wriggle your toes.

Feel the support of the ground, or chair underneath you.

Consciously relax and let your shoulders drop down.

Take a moment to pause and maybe if it feels safe to do so,

Close your eyes for a moment,

Place your right hand on your belly,

And left hand on your heart…..

And feel…..

What are you experiencing inside?

Allow it to be there……

Just be present with whatever is there, as if you were tending to a young child.



And just be with it…..

What do you need?

What would feel supportive to you today, or right now in this moment, if that is possible for you?

So often in the day to day rushing, we ignore, suppress, push down and sometimes even resent our body for the signals it’s trying to give us.

I know for years, I was so angry at my body for feeling tired, when I felt I couldn’t stop.

I was so frustrated, that I wasn’t feeling the way I wanted to feel and often I just ignored it and pushed past it…..

Burnout gave me a very long pause…..

It was a very big gift, wrapped in ugly wrapping paper.

It was the opportunity to notice, be aware of all the ways I berated, pushed and criticised myself out of fear.

Really tuning in and listening to our body, not only puts us in touch with our most authentic self, gives us daily guidance on what truly brings us health and wellbeing, not to mention will improve every aspect of life, but also heals and integrates our nervous system.

I really invite you to take that pause today, just for a moment,

Follow the internal biological impulses you are feeling,

Give yourself permission to be where you are.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

P.S. I’m really excited to be creating a Mini Thrive 28 Day Heal your Burnout Course, we will be covering off on all the ESSENTIALS needed to heal your system, reclaim your health and massively increase your energy again.

Let me know if you’d love more details. xx


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