Are you living from Soul?

Reminder, you are on a Soul Adventure!

I know for sure that I can get bogged down in the daily runnings of life,

It’s so easy to buy into the ego survival minds worrying about daily stresses and concerns because our mind is ALWAYS trying to protect us and keep us safe.

And in all of that, we often lose sight of this amazing and grand adventure we are all on.

Our soul evolution.

We buy into things, ideas, and concepts, to want to fit in, belong, and be accepted be it with our friends, in society or with our birth family and we waste so much time on things that our soul, really doesn’t care about.

Our minds can become so invested in wanting to be safe, secure, and certain, that we miss the deeper calling.

We get so busy, just trying to get through the day, get things done,

Take care of the kids, keep our spouse or partner happy, and our inner whisperings are so overwhelmed by the everyday white noise of life.

If you are feeling restless, agitated, irritated,

If you feel that you have lost direction,

Or even a sense of yourself,

This is a call back to your truest nature.

Most of what I’ve ever gotten stressed about really triggered about, or worried about, is such minor, minor trivial things…..

Yes, I’ve also had some huge events in my life and some high-level trauma, but overall I’ve been incredibly blessed as well, in so many ways, and all of those events and adversity, honestly were the biggest gifts that helped me to become who I am today.

On a soul level, we are given EXACTLY what we need, to become WHO we truly are and to fulfill our soul’s purpose in life, which I believe is to express the fullest version of ourselves and to utilize our powers of being a divine creator.

These life events, brought me to my knees, helped me find a new way of being, helped me surrender to the deeper purpose of it all, made me truly reflect on what I wanted for myself and my life, and helped me discover the real authentic truth of who I am….

What is your soul truly longing for?

Where does it want to go?

What does it long to express?

That faint quiet whisper in your heart,

Is the most important and powerful voice, you can ever choose to listen to.

Life truly is just one big projected illusion,

None of it is real,

Not even death.

When we fully embrace this,

We can live more fully and actually enjoy every day from the place life was intended,

As one big SOUL adventure!

How would you choose to live today?

What would you do differently if you were living from the soul, instead of what your ego/survival mind is telling you?

Can you feel the level of freedom and energy that it liberates, when you really realise,

It’s all just one big adventure.

You get to make it up,

You get to write the story,

You get to be the heroine,

You get to rewrite the chapter if the last one sucked,

You get to create it all.

Don’t forget your power,

Remember who you truly are.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

P.S. If you would love to step into living from your heart and soul, to truly embrace the next level of freedom for your life, I promise you it’s so worth it.

Yes, it takes courage, and yes you may need some tools and strategies for overcoming the mind’s resistance and fear,

Yes, it will bring up all your current limitations (that’s exactly why you are where you are) and be raw and messy.

Yes, it’s letting go of things that are no longer serving you,

But it will bring you the most incredible peace, abundance, happiness, and joy, that is impossible to find anywhere else.

Living your most authentic life.

If you’d love to know how to email me today at xxxx


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