Are you paralyzed by perfectionism?

Are you super logical?

Do you love to know all the facts and figures and all the information before you get started with anything?

Do you find yourself overanalysing, overthinking and getting stuck down in detail?

Do you tend to be quite cautious when making decisions or end up getting stuck in analysis paralysis and not moving forward?

Do you tend to hold back until you can get it absolutely perfect?

Perfectionism can be heartbreaking…..

Whilst it can lead to outstanding results eventually if we finally push through it, there is so much fear with getting it wrong that it can truly hold people back from taking the actions they need to, in order to create a life they love for themselves.

There is a MAMMOTH fear of failure for perfectionists….

I’ve definitely felt this in my life at times and it can truly be paralysing.

I ended up so stuck in my head, living day in day out of fear and feeling that I wasn’t enough, instead of following my heart’s guidance.

One of the best things one of my mentors ever said to me was, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly…..

I know right!!! Shock! Horror!

This would be like nails down a chalkboard for my perfectionist friends, and to be honest it was for me at the time as well!

I was shocked. It seemed to go against everything I’d ever learnt as a child, always do your very best, try your hardest…

Yet as a child in our schooling system, I took that to mean, that I had to get it perfect, I had to get it right, I couldn’t make a mistake, lest I fail and I’d attached shame to failure….

Over the years I’ve put so much pressure on myself, to get it perfect, and at an even deeper level, to be the perfect daughter, to be the perfect wife, to be the perfect Mum and to be honest, I completely lost myself, trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be….

It’s incredible now I think back to that time, I can’t believe how much has changed since then, how much more relaxed, calm and easy going I am now, compared to then and think maybe I’ve let a lot of my standards slip!

But to be honest, I’m sooooo much happier! I still get to show up in a way that feels great for me, but without the pressure.

There’s still area’s I’m learning to let go of this, but for now, I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made.

It was paralysing me.

It was squeezing all of the fun out of life.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

I felt so alone and so hyper critical of myself, that I was so sensitive to others feed back.

Being able to embrace the principal of, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly”, really allowed me to step into the space of having a go, and learning as I went, rather than being so frozen from the fear that I never took any action.

It’s what helped me take up ice skating lessons too!! Lol!

And especially in my business, where I felt it was never perfect enough, so I’d hold back on releasing the video, or the new course, or what I had to share and gift to people.

Robbing people of how I could have truly helped them, because I’d been so stuck in my own fear.

Thank goodness, I chose to listen more and more to my heart rather than the fear in my head.

These day’s I’m so comfortable with being a work in progress.

I don’t have to get it perfect,

I don’t have to even get it right.

And whilst I still like to hold myself to a particular standard, the pressure to get it perfect has definitely gone.

Where is an area, that perfectionism or fear of failure is stopping you from moving forward?

What are the consequences if this doesn’t change?

What would you never get to experience?

What’s one thing you could do today, to take action on your dreams and move forward and do it perfectly imperfect?

You’ve got this!

You are already enough!

Failure is part of Success! – You literally can’t have one without the other!

Love and Blessings,

Sal xo

P.S. If you’ve been stuck in fear, and you’d love to move forward take a few mins to watch this:

Click here Now!

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