Are you prepared for it?

Getting unbanked…..

As many commonwealth bank customers discovered yesterday, things are radically shifting in our financial and economic sector.

With 3 banks in the USA collapsing in the past few months, there are many signs that if you haven’t yet got prepared financially to make sure you’ve put things in place to protect yourself and diversify, then NOW is absolutely the time to do it.

Having financial sovereignty is so incredibly important as many in the past few years have also discovered. I’m so passionate about this subject because not only is financial sovereignty critical to our own wellbeing and level of freedom, but having a great relationship with money is also part of that.

So many people have become enslaved to the system, working so hard, to only just make enough to get buy and in many cases it’s not even covering the basics.

Knowing how to shift your financial situation without trading more time for money is critical.

This is something I absolutely learnt the hard way, when I was a single Mumma and when I went through burnout, I knew I had to find another way and I did.

This Thursday the 29th of June, I’m going to be running a free training in my Empowered Women’s Empowered Wealth Facebook group, I’ll be talking about why it’s so important so have financial sovereignty, what that actually means and what my greater concerns are about the proposed digital currency.

I’ll also be sharing, what I’ve personally done to get “unbanked” and diversify and sharing more about the passive income streams that I’ve personally set up for myself, that have created a secondary 6 figure income in just 10 months and yes it is passive….

And I’ll be also sharing the tools and strategies that I’ve personally used to upgrade my relationship with money!

You’ll walk away with some great ideas to implement and action for yourself.

If you would love to join me or find out more information, click the button below to join the FB group today!

Join Now!

Can’t wait to see you in there! Training is at 2.30pm and a replay will be available for those not able to attend at that time.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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