Are you prepared?

Now more than ever before, it’s so important to be prepared….

Financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
As I’m sure you’ve felt, known, and experienced, just as I have the incredible upheaval and uncertainty of the previous two years, we are still moving through massive periods of change and transformation.

Astrologically these events are predicted to continue to play out
until 2027…..
That’s a long time to live in uncertainty, to not be financially prepared and with the most recent fuel hikes, I think it’s only a glimpse of potentially what’s yet to come.

I don’t say that to scare you in any way shape or form, I say that to give you the utmost opportunity to be prepared…..
Last year I did a video on being prepared and I got two VERY DIFFERENT responses, some people got really upset with me and others were SO GRATEFUL that I shared my perspective and ideas with them to get prepared.

The ones that got upset with me believed I was playing into fear and just wanted to ignore it and believe that it wasn’t happening or wasn’t true.
We all want to do that at times, denial is a coping strategy, it just doesn’t work very well in the long term.

And can leave us having the rug pulled out from underneath us, especially if s&*t really does hit the fan!
It’s just like being prepared for a bushfire.
You feel calmer and more certain the more prepared you are.
Yes, it’s still scary and terrifying.
Yes, we hope and pray that it won’t get too close.

However, the more prepared you are, the more time you have to do the things you need to, to protect your family, your assets, and what’s most important to you.
If you pretend it’s not happening, (denial coping mechanism) or remain oblivious to the situation it can place us in a really compromised position, especially if it’s heading directly toward us.

However, with the Law of Attraction, the more CERTAIN you are, the CALMER you are, and the greater chance you have of not being caught in these situations.
That’s why preparation is essential.
These things may not happen.

And if they do, and you are prepared, then awesome, you know that regardless of what happens, you and your family will be ok.

Some key things I’ve been doing to prepare are:

(And by no means am I offering any financial advice, clearly, I am not qualified to do that. You will need to seek out your own expert guidance on these issues.)

• Making sure I have no debt.

• Building financial assets and looking more into ways that I can create passive income and capitalize on dropping markets.

• Diversifying my cash holdings with a few banks, not just one.

• Minimising any assets that are not income-producing or that are a liability.
• Investing in Gold and Silver.

• Preparing myself with adequate food supplies for a 3 – 6-month supply.

Now, this may appear quite extreme to some. I’m cool with that, you do you boo.
By taking these actions, I feel calmer, I feel blessed, I feel abundant and I feel in a position to be able to help and support more people, should the need arise.

Living in fear, scarcity, and lack creates more and more stress on the adrenals. Long term this massively impacts our health, our energy, and vitality.
It creates so much uncertainty. It creates incredible overwhelm.

Preparation is key to mastering any area of life.
Being able to anticipate the road ahead is helpful to know what challenges you may face and what skills and things you need to support you.

If you know that you are not financially prepared.
If you have not yet created multiple streams of income,
If you do not rock solid in your mindset, in your heart and soul, being mentally and emotionally prepared,

Then I encourage you to reach out.
Being able to THRIVE through these times, means excitement joy, and passion instead of fear, uncertainty, and overwhelm.

Being physically well and having the energy to stay certain through any major transformative world changes is so important.

Having the skillset to manage yourself emotionally and mentally are so critical to our health and vitality and to make sound decisions to support your family.
Creating multiple streams of income and knowing that no matter what you and your family will be ok because you are not solely relying on your JOB is absolutely critical at this time.

My 12-Week Thrive Program is an incredible resource, not only to heal your body, mind, and soul but to give you the resources on how best to manage these interesting times. You will gain the skills and strategies that are tried and tested on building absolute resilience and have created multiple miracles in my own and my clients’ lives.

Click the button below to book in a chat with me, if you are still suffering from continual exhaustion, burn out and fatigue, it’s absolutely essential to heal this as soon as possible. Let’s get you set with a clear plan on HOW you can heal this and get back to thriving again.

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I also have an incredible vehicle that I now use as multiple streams of income, to support me in creating my dreams and goals.

It’s automated, it’s leveraged, meaning that you get to keep your time and freedom. Yes, there are aligned work to do, of course, however, it’s an incredible system that supports you to show up and get paid for being you.

If you know that it’s time, that you are over your JOB or, you know you need to create more financial security for your family, PM me to gain access to some EPIC Wealth Mindset training.

This training will not only support you to shift your mindset towards attracting greater wealth and financial security for your family, but also give you the EXACT strategy on how myself and many other EPIC 6 & 7 Figure income leaders have created their additional streams of income from a place of flow, joy, and ease.

It’s time to get prepared.
It’s time to be rock solid in your own certainty and conviction.
It’s time to really set yourself free, to be ready to utilize some EPIC opportunities that will unfold in the coming months.
With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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