Are you present?


Are you present to life? 

Do you take time out to really just be and to drink life in fully? 

I’ve noticed that the more present I am to life, the more involved I am in the moment, by bringing my whole heart to any situation, the more joy I experience.

Take a moment right now, just to tune into you.

To breathe deeply and to be truly present to your experience. 


I spent some time at the beach and was feeling this deeply, so I wrote this for you this morning…. 


The waves roll in relentlessly,

One after the other.

The birds are whispering their magic through the breeze and their soft twittering lands sweetly in my heart. 

The sunshine warms my face and seeps deep into my soul, embracing me with its unyielding warmth. 

The salty air, tickles my nose, as I breathe in deeply. 

Feeling the peace arise from within,

As the sunshine further warms my sun-kissed skin.

Life is whispering, always pulsating,

Always here, to respond to,

Always here to notice, 

Always here to feel deeply. 

Always here to relax into.

Always holding the space for beingness.

The rush, the hustle of the morning traffic fades far into the distance.


As I sit here with my beloved ocean.

Her depth and vastness, 

Pulls my heart closer to her.

Her magnificence astounds me in her sheer infiniteness. 

Time stands still in this moment. 


Wishing you a magical day, 

Filled with peace, presence, and soul-deep love.


Sal xox

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