Are you riding the waves?

Life can sometimes be like the ocean. 

The relentless waves continue crashing, regardless of whether we are prepared for them or not. 

It can either leave you feeling tumbled about, powerless to stop this almighty force unfolding upon you, or riding the waves with absolute joy and exhilaration. 

The difference? 

Your ability to master the waves. 

When we use life as our greatest teacher, the waves become an opportunity. 

We learn from every wave that crashes in, on what to do and what not to do and most importantly we learn that if we are unprepared for it, it really can knock us to the ground. 

The more you are prepared for the waves, and anticipate the waves as best you can, the more we can learn to ride them and to embrace the experience and use the energy of the wave’s momentum to propel us forward. 

Or if you are resisting it, you will feel the full force of it come upon you. 

I believe that what makes the difference is our ability to trust ourself. 

To trust our own instincts of knowing which one to ride and which one to dive under. 

I believe that our self-trust leads to our self-belief. 

This leads to self-confidence. 

Yet if we are always scared to actually even attempt to ride the wave, it will always hold power over us. 

The ability to be able to trust yourself comes from a foundation of self-love, learning to be your own safety net. 

It’s also really powerful to have a mentor that knows how to ride the waves that can teach you. 

This is one of the fastest and most effective ways of learning any new skill. 

Sure we can google or look up an instructional video on how to. But what we forget is that we often have blind spots. We may not realise we are not standing in the correct position on the board, or we may not realise that we are trying to stand up too soon. 

Having someone beside you, guiding you, and supporting and encouraging you is one of the most powerful ways to create change and embrace your new skill. 

If you are looking to master your life, if you are looking to get back to thriving and riding the waves, and you’re tired of being held back by your own fears, trepidation or just feeling pummelled by the waves of life, book your call with me now by clicking the button below. 

Let’s get you surfing again!

It’s time to heal your mind, body and soul. 

You are so deserving and you are so worth it. 

With Love and Blessings,


Sal xox

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