Are you running on empty?

Fill your cup first…..

We’ve all heard it, it can even sound cliché, yet it is so true. 

We cannot give from an empty cup. 

However, when we are not listening to our body’s signals, because we have denied and repressed our feelings, or what our body is saying to us for so long, it is easy to not realise how empty our cup has become. 

If you are feeling apathetic, exhausted, blah, can’t be bothered or needing to “motivate” yourself, or feel that you should just be more organised, chances are that your cup is running very low. 

If you are experiencing strong resentment and even anger or rage, chances are your cup is down to it’s last 20%….. 

Anger, resentment and rage are often signs that we have been denying our own boundaries, needs and wants for some time. 

Your anger will rise up, just like your Mamma bear’s energy does to protect your children, except it is trying to protect you!

The challenge with this is, actually listening to it, instead of beating yourself up for feeling like this. 

When we beat ourself up for feeling angry or resentful, we drop back down into a state of powerlessness, melancholy and feeling totally stuck in a rut. 

As humans we hate feeling pain, so we then go on to actually deny, minimise or repress our real feelings. 

When this happens, you will feel flat, monotone and completely stuck.


Life is truly here to be lived!

You have incredible gifts inside of you, that are just waiting to be unleashed in the world.

You are a powerful creator, here to bring your heart’s desires into fruition and be who you are fully meant to be. 

You are here to express the fullness of who you are.

You are here to be giving from the overflow, not from your reserves. 

Valuing and loving yourself enough to know that your worth does not come from what you do, or how much you do in a day, is crucial to overcome this continual empty cup syndrome.

Knowing that you are worthy and deserving just because you are you. 

Believing in your own spirit, in your own expression and the unique and vital role you play in the world. 

What is one thing you can do today, to fill your cup, to honour and respect your own needs and to tune into your body and how you really feel?

Take a few mins to write that down and to act on it today. 

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways, 


Sal xox



If you are not listening to your body and you are feeling continually exhausted and worn out, no matter how much sleep you get, make sure you reach out and send me a message. 

Taking responsibility for being there for everyone else when your cup is empty is martyrdom, and in truth is irresponsible for yourself and leads to these patterns continuing for our own children, as that’s what they are learning from us. 

Speaking your authentic truth and being fully honest first with yourself and then with others is critical to overcoming long term burnout patterns. 

When you are on this cycle, most women leave it until they are so depleted, that they become critically exhausted and so unwell. Please don’t do that to yourself. Reach out and book your Free Breakthrough Burnout Consult with me today. 

Let’s get you clear on where you are really at, what is at the ROOT cause of what you are experiencing and create a clear plan for you reclaiming your health, your energy, and your life back.

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