Are you settling, even though your heart knows there’s more?

Are you squashing your dreams down, based on what you “think” is possible for you, based on your current reality?

This breaks my heart for so many people, believe that they have to settle for the status quo of what they are currently living.

Even more so, when it’s not their dream life, or what they really want for themselves.

We hold so many limiting beliefs that keep us chained, stuck, paralysed, and not living our dream life.

Stepping outside our comfort zone is honestly damn uncomfortable and it takes truckloads of courage.

Yet if you don’t, nothing changes….

We are always bumping up against our edges.

If we do not have the courage to expand beyond these edges, we stay at the same level of consciousness, living the same life patterns, in the same circumstances, year after year.

Expanding your consciousness, your awareness, by embracing new possibilities and leaning into “What if” with absolute curiosity is the first step to taking the leap to change your life.

Don’t be like me, living so unconsciously for well into my early 30s.

Waking up 10-15 years later and wondered what the hell happened, and how did I end up in this situation.

I was numb.

I was in denial.

I was so focused on getting love and approval from outside myself that I didn’t dare expand, to risk anything.

I was focused on survival.

I was focused on getting through each day.

Never stopping to ask myself, what do I want 5-10 years from now.

Never stopping to ask myself, am I really happy with who I am and how I am living?

Never stopping to ask myself, what are my truest values, and am I living in alignment with these values?

Time will keep ticking.

Life is short.

What is on your heart of hearts to live, be, do, create?

What is your soul calling you to?

Do you have a big purpose, but you’ve not done anything about it?

Do you know that you were born to help others, yet you feel stuck and don’t know how you can start?

Do you have big dreams inside of you, that you’ve not shared with anyone yet?

Are you READY to take a LEAP?

Even if you are scared.

Even if you don’t know how.

Even if you aren’t sure that you can?

It’s time to DECIDE.

Life changes when you DECIDE that it must.

It takes deep CONVICTION,

It takes deep BELIEF,

And reinforcing that conviction, clarity, and belief EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Until it becomes you.

Until you own it FULLY.

Until you KNOW it as your TRUTH.

This is when Transformation occurs.

But don’t pre-judge your journey.

Don’t think it just takes saying a simple affirmation a few times.

You are literally REWIRING the way you THINK.

You are literally REWIRING your IDENTITY.

You are literally TRANSFORMING your HABITS.

You are literally CREATING a new REALITY for yourself.

It can take years, and yes, the journey can be hard.

But what’s truly hard, is NEVER CHANGING, NEVER STARTING, and living a life full of regrets.

It’s time to CHOOSE your HARD.

A life of transforming, inner work and changing, growing evolving, expanding your edges, and living a life of authentic freedom as a result?

Or a life of familiar settings, that never changes, that never transforms, that never actually takes you to where you want to go, to me that is heartbreakingly hard, because I lived it for 15 years….

If you are READY to transform your Life, I have 5 places available, for Incredible women that are ready to DREAM Big, that is no longer willing to play small.

That is READY to revolutionise what’s possible for them.

To STEP into their VISION and bring it to LIFE.

If you have a HUGE desire to help others and make a difference.

If you are PASSIONATE about GROWTH and BECOMING all that you CAN BE.


If you would LOVE to work LOCATION FREE and CREATE an ONLINE DIGITAL ASSET that pays you for years to come.


If you are excited about LEVERAGE and AUTOMATED systems to give you TIME FREEDOM and UNCAPPED EARNING POTENTIAL.

If you are PASSIONATE about HEALTH and living LOW TOX.

If you are ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to transform your FAMILY’s WEALTH LEGACY for years to come,

Then if that’s you, I’ve got you.

Send me an email at with the message “TRANSFORM”, Gorgeous to get FREE access to the most INCREDIBLE training that shows you HOW to bring your DREAMS to REALITY.

Can’t wait to support you in creating this next-level vision for your life and exploding your growth and freedom.

Oceans of Love,

Sal x


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