Are you soul tired?

Are you soul tired? 

This is a bone deep, heart aching kind of tiredness. 

It doesn’t go away after a good nights sleep. 

When it happens, it comes from a deep longing from within to literally put the brakes on everything and to step off the crazy merry go round. 

It comes from years of doing so much for others, so much for many people and losing yourself in the process, yet not knowing how to stop that, when so many people rely on you for your support and what you are managing every single day. 

It comes from a deep longing for respite, for quietness, for nature.

It comes from a deep longing of wanting to reconnect with your heart and soul and to really feel into what it is that you need to nurture you.

It comes from a deep longing of just wanting to stop, to breathe, to just BE, without the constant pressure of having to do, do, do…. 

Soul tiredness means your well is dry. 

When we don’t take the time to connect with source energy or to allow our hearts and bodies to be fully nourished with the joy and lightness of our soul, we wither internally, energetically and emotionally. 

We become half-assed and half-hearted. 

We lose meaning and purpose.

Everything feels like a chore.

Our feeling state is numb. 

Soul Tired is missing the deep connection with yourself, with your gut instinct, your intuition, your knowingness.

It comes from blindly pushing, to get everything done everyday, otherwise you will just be completely behind the 8 ball, yet you cannot see the forest for the trees. 

Soul Tired comes from loss of clarity, when the daily urge is to just survive and get through this day, without actually knowing what your destination truly is or what you desire it to be.

It comes from disconnecting with your heart and most of all, from the truth of how you really feel….. 


If this is you, it’s time to create space.

Soul nurturing space and time, to just be.

Soul nurturing space and time, to feel into what it is that you truly desire.

Soul nurturing space and time, to fill up your well, to get your cup back to overflowing, to breathe deeply into your heart centre again and let the tears of grief and joy spill from your eyes…


But what may stop you, is all the thoughts, all the beliefs of who needs you and why they need you. 

All the responsibilities, all the pressure, all the overwhelm, thinking that in the next month or two, or maybe next year, or when the kids grow up, this will all be easier and I can finally have my time then….. 

What are the consequences from not healing this now? 

You are so valuable and so precious and when you drain yourself dry to the point of soul tiredness, it’s impacting not only yourself, but your kids, your family, your partner and those that matter most to you.

They see you struggling, they see you hurting…. 

And they are learning that this is the way life is…..


You get to pull that back.

You get to show them and yourself another way.

You get to teach them what true authenticity and sustainability is.

You get to role model true self-love, self-value and self-respect.


You get to breathe into and live into being the creator of your own life, getting back in touch with your heart, with your soul, with what matters most to you and you get to create your life in a way that truly lights you up, in a way that has your well overflowing with joy every single day. 


Your emotional state connects the actions that you take daily, back into your heart. 

It brings back meaning and purpose to life. 

This brings back joy and a deep reason to live, fully, deeply and passionately. 

If this is you and what you want, don’t put this off a second longer…

The time is now.

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