Are you still exhausted?

In March of 2020, I was hanging on by my fingertips, it felt like I had fallen off a steep, rocky, and very dangerous cliff, and at any moment, if I let go, I could fall into a very black and unknown abyss….

I had no energy and could barely function for more than 2 hours a day.

I woke up feeling completely and utter dread, overwhelmed and wondering how the hell I was going to get through the day.

Just two mere weeks prior, I’d completed a walking marathon of 42kms in just 6 hours and now I struggled to walk for 10 mins without feeling thoroughly and completely exhausted.

I couldn’t believe just how truly awful I felt, everything ached. Everything felt heavy and lethargic. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.

Everything I attempted to do, felt like I was in slow motion. Like I was wearing concrete boots, trying to walk through a boggy marsh.

Even preparing a meal, getting dressed and so many everyday things that I’d previously handled with ease and flow, seemed like immense effort, and felt like I just needed to “motivate” myself more.

When I tried to write out my normal to-do list, I just sat and stared blankly at the paper.

Unable to form my normal list of cohesive words, for the cotton wool that now filled my once very sharp brain.

I was experiencing extreme brain fog and complete apathy. I could have been diagnosed many times by doctors with anxiety and depression, had I let that happen. But thankfully due to my years and years of training and study as both a Kinesiologist and Life Coach, I knew exactly what was going on.

I was burnt out.

Years and years of chronic ongoing stress as a single Mum self-employed business owner and single provider for our family, along with the acute stressors of 3 major grief events in one week had delivered an acute blow to my nervous system and my body had gone into shutdown, with little to no resilience, capacity or reserves left to get me through.

I’d always been able to somehow rally the energy, put my foot down on the proverbial accelerator, and go, especially when my family needed me, yet when I attempted to do that this time, there was nothing there.

Nothing happened and I knew then, that something was not ok.

I did the usual thing most people would do in my situation and go to the Doctors, explaining my extreme fatigue and exhaustion, of course, all the normal bloods were taken.

When I got my results back, I was met with a very quick, well your bloods are all ok, so you’re fit as a fiddle, if you are still not feeling ok, then it must be mental health.

And in that moment, my heart broke.

Not for me, I was acutely aware I was experiencing adrenal fatigue and burnout, but for the thousands of others that traverse this path and get told this, without further investigation as to what is actually going on biologically with their body.

Being misdiagnosed and ending up on a never-ending cycle of antidepressants and anxiety medication, as band-aids, never really getting what is actually needed in order to heal.

In that moment, as exhausted as I was, I felt a flicker of passion and energy course through me and I knew this was a paradigm and narrative in mental health, that I had to disrupt and bring awareness to.

3 and a half years on my energy and zest for life have increased 1000-fold since that time. I’ve been able to return to daily workouts, have continued running my business, going for hikes, and paddleboard, and most importantly I’m enjoying and loving life again.

I’m even more passionate than ever about getting this message out into the world, especially when people are suffering immensely and not understanding the real impact that burnout has on mental and emotional health.

I’ve put together my 28-Day Mini Thrive program to support women to understand the root causes and how to heal and overcome burnout. These were the exact steps I took to heal myself.

In this program, you will:

🩷 Immediately start to increase and regain your energy
🩷 Set healthy boundaries
🩷 Improve your self-esteem and rebuild your self-confidence
🩷 Get out of overwhelm and anxiety
🩷 Wake up feeling energised and excited about your day
🩷 Get your clarity of mind back and make decisions easily
🩷 Radically Improve how you feel everyday
🩷 Discover exactly what has been the root cause of your burnout
🩷 Learn what causes inflammation, brain fog, and neurotoxicity
🩷 Heal and regulate your nervous system
🩷 Let go of feeling that you are not enough
🩷 Have the tools and strategies to heal your past trauma
🩷 Reclaim your Health, Energy, and Vitality again
🩷 Improve your relationships with your loved ones and team
🩷 Experience deep restorative sleep
🩷 Learn how to shift your mindset and heal your inner critic

This is what a social worker recently emailed me about it.

“Hi Sal

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy these emails, thank you
I resonate so much with what you share; each message is like a little gift from the Universe.

I’m doing the 28-day Thrive course and feel the same way about that.

You said in the call we had that there might be some nuggets in there for me, and there are lots of them. It’s a great course.

I love what you are doing and how you have brought so much together in a lovely little package. xxx ”

Click the button to get access to this life-changing course today:

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Love and Blessings,
Sal x

P.S. I’m so excited to bring my new book Thrive into the World. It is the most comprehensive bible to understand and support people through burnout. Can’t wait to share it with you, when it launches in 2024!

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