Are you still exhausted?

Are you still exhausted?

Feeling overly responsible for everyone and everything is one of the biggest coping mechanisms, that keeps women stuck in burnout…

Making appointments for themself, only to cancel because other people’s needs and agendas are made more important than their own self-care.

Being the constant martyr, fixer, rescuer.

Then feeling anger and resentment as a result.


Feeling like everything is on your shoulders.

Wearing the “Brave Face”, telling everyone else you are ok, when underneath you are absolutely not ok.

Feeling guilty anytime you take time out or want or need to rest.


Feeling guilty if you ask others for help.

Feeling that you will be letting others down if you say no.

These are just some of the emotional patterns and beliefs that literally keep women stuck in burnout, exhaustion and fatigue for years and years…..


This is not OK.

You can not be your best and feel exhausted day in day out.

We find it extremely difficult to self-regulate our emotional state when we are tired and exhausted.

It throws our hormones completely out of whack, creating greater and greater inflammation and health challenges.

Not to mention the cost that all of this has on our kids, our partner and our ability to create an income.

If you are STILL stuck in the cycle of exhaustion and fatigue, I absolutely invite you to book a call with me asap.

Being exhausted is NOT normal, and is having detrimental affects to your body, even though fatigue and exhaustion is normalised by society….. (Another part of the problem!)

Let’s get clear on what is the limiting belief that is keeping you stuck and perpetuating your burnout.

You absolutely are worthy and deserving of rest and allowing yourself to receive.

Your family will absolutely thank you for it, book here today by clicking the button below.

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(I am already fully booked out for next week, however I do have a few spots left for the following week. Book today, so you don’t miss out.)

Big Love,

Sal x


P.S. I dive deeper into this on today’s live video that you can access by clicking here the button below.

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