Are you struggling with the Pandemic flux?

I was listening to a brilliant Facebook live last Friday from a Psychotherapist.

Have you ever experienced traumatic events in your life, where you felt powerless to change your situation?

Perhaps as a young child, or even as a young teen or later on in life?

If so, you may be finding that you have been particularly heightened in the current climate and if so, I can promise you are not alone.

This is part of our human consciousness, growing and evolving. 

Yet, you may also be daily living within a trauma response, without even knowing.

Have you found yourself feeling more irritated or reactive with others?

Or are you finding that you are extra-sensitive to things that would normally not bother you?

All your past coping mechanisms will be rising to the surface. 

Have you noticed that you are withdrawing and being passive and or people-pleasing as a way of coping and avoiding confrontation?

If you’ve wanted to fight and rebel against authority as a coping mechanism, then this is what you will be feeling day today.

Have you been over-functioning and taking care of people and being overly responsible to make sure everyone is ok?

Being consciously aware of any coping mechanism is critical to you overcoming it. The challenge is Self-Awareness!

These activated trauma responses are also why we are seeing such a huge divide. Each person is coming from their own trauma response and activating/triggering a trauma response in others. I’ve seen this play out on social media in a shocking way.

This is also why people’s mental and emotional health is so affected right now. 

If you are not coping well mentally and emotionally, this absolutely affects your energy and your physical body.

This is why emotional mastery and emotional wisdom and healing your past trauma and wounds are more important than ever before. 

Because it will help you to re-centre yourself.

It will help you to stay calm and grounded and able to respond, rather than react with other people.

It will help you to rise above, to remain centred in love and compassion and living from a place of alignment. 

Staying true to who you really are and stepping into leadership.

But first, you must lead yourself, to lead your children, your loved ones, your family and friends.

If you know you’ve not been yourself lately. If you know that you are exhausted and tired, and finding it difficult to live with the day-to-day uncertainty of everything going on. If you are finding that you feel vague, lost and unable to focus on your daily routine. Then it’s time to reset yourself.

It’s time to absolutely get the skills needed, to reclaim your health.

To reclaim your vitality.

To reclaim your sense of inner peace.

To reclaim your mental and emotional wellbeing and to come back to you.

Knowing who you are and finding your certainty from your own inner faith, is paramount now.

For your physical health and for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you’ve been struggling with brain fog and feeling triggered, book your FREE health consult with me now. 

Together we will create your own 12-week plan to get you back to feeling amazing. 

I only have 5 spots left for this week. When they are gone they are gone.

Book your call now!

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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