Are you stuck in the glass jar and don’t even know?

Are you stuck in the glass jar and don’t even know it? 

This is one of my favourite sayings from Joe Dispenza! 

Often we can feel highly emotional and very protective or perhaps even defensive within ourself and not even realise that we are being run by a completely unconscious program. 

We react, feel annoyed, frustrated, tired, angry and perhaps either explode towards others or implode internally! (Stuffing all those angry emotions deep down inside). 

The problem with this is that everyone else knows exactly what’s happening, except we may not. We can be completely consumed by our subconscious program and feel as if everything that is happening is so real. The challenge is often you are responding to a wound that has yet to be healed from the past. 

We often repeat the same patterns or even re-create similar relationships even though it might be with a completely different person. This again is an unconscious attempt to heal a past pain or wound. Without the awareness around it, these patterns simply keep playing out again and again, driving the wound deeper and deeper and further cementing limiting and harmful beliefs about life, ourself, others and the world. 

It is sometimes so hard to let go of emotions, even though we may not like experiencing them. 

Here are 3 Amazing tips below to begin to free yourself, to master your own emotions and create a life that you love. 

Here you go Gorgeous……

3 Tips for changing your emotions 

  1. Create Awareness – take time out to reflect on how you REALLY ARE FEELING.
  2. Ask yourself, what is the need that I’m trying to get met, or the fantasy outcome that I think I’ll achieve by hanging onto this emotion.
  3. What is it that I need to value more, in order to change this behaviour and or emotion? 


If you’re currently finding yourself super reactive to those around you, you’re feeling exhausted and tired and to be quite frank, “just over it all” then you will absolutely want to take care of this area of your life. So many studies have shown the effect of having emotional intelligence and it’s overall importance in living a healthier, happier and more abundant life. 

If you would like to dive deeper with understanding your emotions and the massive role they play in your life everyday and how to become the master of them, to improve your health, your energy, your happiness and not to mention how much it will also improve your relationships through being able to communicate much more effectively., then click the link below.

Emotional intelligence has a huge degree of improving our financial security, through better decisions, more balanced emotions and more confidence, self-love and self-belief. 

With only limited places available you won’t want to miss out! It is by application only, to ensure that the highest outcomes for all with the most aligned fit are created to truly elevate everyone.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


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