Are you tired of repeating patterns and cycles?

Do you experience big up and down repeating cycles in your life?

Are you feeling frustrated that you do a lot of work to create change with your body, mind, relationships, or money only to find that you’ve slipped backwards again in another month or two?

I know it’s so frustrating! And it’s so important to understand why this happens, because it takes a lot of energy to create change, and it can set up disempowering beliefs when this yo-yo cycle keeps happening.

Click below to watch this short 7 min Video here on why this happens and how you can overcome it.

Watch it here!

With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox



Remember to create the change you need to integrate this into your identity. If you are stuck with limiting disempowering beliefs and have no idea how to change them, click the button below to book your call with me today.

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