Are you triggered or grateful when someone challenges your B.S. (Belief Systems)?

One of the things I am extraordinarily grateful for over the years, is having surrounded myself with incredible heart centred leaders, that have never believed or bought into, my own limited BS! (Belief systems).

They’ve been able to see more in me, than I was able to see in me at the time.

They were willing to speak their truth to me, even if it meant that I was triggered or upset.

(I call it punch in the face coaching, not comfortable on any level. But exactly what I needed at the time.)

They weren’t saying things to enable my own BS or to support the BS stories that I continued to tell myself at times.

They loved me enough, to call me forward. They weren’t there to be a people pleaser, or for me to like them.

They loved me enough to help me see clear of my own fear based BS…..

I got very clear, very early on in my self-development journey, that being with people that reinforced my “poor me” story or bought into my own limitations, was very unhelpful to me. They validated all the reasons I self-created as to why I was stuck, why I wasn’t making enough money, why my relationships were terrible, why my life sucked and why it was so difficult for me to change.

I looked for and to this day, still look for and choose to surround myself with people that continue to help me see what’s possible for me and challenge my old limiting stories.

That see more in me, than what I can currently see in myself. That help me to continually stretch my limits beyond where I am.

Not in a way that causes burnout, but in a way that causes true growth, true wisdom, true expansion of the next level.

It’s uncomfortable and whilst it can be triggering at the time, I’m also incredibly grateful for these people in my life, that continually challenge my BS (Belief Systems).

There is also a nuance here. My intention always is to guide people back to their own authentic truth and all truly heart centred leaders will do the same.

You are the authority on you.

However, the nuance is recognising when someone’s “truth” is coming from fear and limitation, or true empowerment. This is the difference and being able to recognise that and speak into that is essential.

Over the years I’ve also had the privilege as a healer, coach and leader to challenge other’s belief systems. Some people have truly stepped into that and asked for more, with incredible growth and expansion.

Others buy straight back into their BS and we don’t end up working together and that’s ok too… It’s all part of their’s and my journey.

Part of my journey is stretching into the next level of leadership and that means, also getting uncomfortable. Calling more and more people into their truth and helping to truly set them free by challenging their BS (Belief Systems).

And that also calls me to completely let go of my fear of rejection that can surface from time to time and to truly live into heart servitude. Serving people from my heart, with what I know is truly possible for them, seeing more in them, than what they currently see in themselves.

Because the truth is, that your current BS (Belief systems) are exactly why you are where you are in life. Your Belief systems shape your experiences, responses and choices to life, to money, to men, to women, to your job or business, to yourself, to your goals and dreams and so much more….

Who do you surround yourself with?

Do they challenge you, inspire you and maybe sometimes trigger you, in a good way, about what’s possible for you?

Or do they keep you really comfortable, or even worse enable your limiting beliefs? Agreeing with you that of course it’s too hard, of course you don’t have the money or time, of course you’re too tired to do anything about it, of course there’s too much going on……

What type of conversations do you have?

Are they about possibility? Are they about your biggest dreams and goals and what you are creating in your life?

Or are they about what’s wrong, what’s bad, what’s not working?

I really encourage you this week, to lean into the conversations that inspire you, that scare you (in a good way, because you know you’re stretching) that get you out of your luke-warm comfort zone, that activate you into action and possibility, that expand what else is possible for you.

We have this one life, right now,

These precious moments are ticking…..

What do you REALLY WANT?

Who ALREADY has created what you want?

Go TALK to them!

Ask them great questions,

See what you can do TODAY,

To follow through on your dreams,

To live your most amazing life










Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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